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Surprises of Saudi National Day 92 in Saudi Arabia

On September 23, the Saudi people, in particular, and the population of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general, observe Saudi National Day. The Saudi National Day represents the Saudi people’s pride, so it is celebrated in it, with parties and festivals held, and national songs prepared to commemorate this wonderful day. Especially since the flag of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia adorns all of the Kingdom’s streets and buildings. It is also surrounded by the green color that represents the Saudi flag.

In this article, we will share the celebration of this wonderful day with the Saudi people and discuss this wonderful event. Where we will learn about the Saudi National Day’s date. What exactly is National Day, and why is it observed? Furthermore, we will display the most important parties and festivals that will be held there.

National Day of Saudi Arabia

The Saudi National Day is celebrated on September 23, as this is the day on which King Abdul Aziz announced the unification of the country under the name of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1351 AH, which corresponds to September 23, 1932 AD. After regaining Riyadh in 1319 AH / 1902 AD, King Abdul Aziz spent the next 30 years attempting to unite all the cities of the Islamic state until he was able to unite them and annex the Hijaz to his kingdom.

As a result, on September 23 of each year, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrates its unification, which is regarded as one of King Abdulaziz Al Saud’s most significant achievements.

When was Saudi National Day observed?

Many people wonder when Saudi National Day is. The answer is that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia commemorates its unification on September 23, when the Saudi people first observed the National Day during the reign of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, may God have mercy on him. On the occasion of National Day, King Abdullah declared September 23 of each year an official holiday in 2005. The celebration of the 75th Saudi National Day, which has now become an official national holiday, began.

How is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s National Day observed?

As an expression of their love and loyalty to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the people celebrate National Day with celebrations, songs, and festivals. The ceremony also serves to remind people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s history and heritage. Especially since the celebration is an expression of their gratitude to their leaders and kings for their contributions to the country’s unification.

If you visit Saudi Arabia on September 23, you will see the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s flag flying high. In addition to the popular celebrations and festivals held in various cities throughout Saudi Arabia to commemorate this day. Streets, buildings, and cars will inevitably be decorated in green with the Saudi flag. Read an article Enjoy attending Saudi festivals and events.

Saudi National Day holiday for 2022

Saudi National Day
Saudi National Day holiday for 2022

The Saudi National Day in 2022 will be on Friday, September 23, so Wednesday and Thursday, September 21, 22, 2022, have been declared official holidays in honor of National Day.

If the National Day falls on a Saturday, which is an official holiday in Saudi Arabia, the National Day holiday will be on Sunday. However, if it falls on a Friday, Thursday will be a holiday. That is, if September 23 falls on a weekend, it will be compensated a day earlier or later. Furthermore, if National Day falls on a working day between two holidays and two official holidays, that day will be declared a holiday.

The identity of the 92nd Saudi National Day

The Saudi people will celebrate the 92nd Saudi National Day with a new identity in line with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Vision 2030 for the Kingdom.

Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Entertainment Authority, chooses the identity of this year’s National Day. He was determined to combine the verbal and artistic slogans in the identity of the National Day in order to emphasize the Kingdom’s interest in heritage, culture, and art.

In Saudi Arabia, the identity of the National Day combined heritage, culture, and entertainment. Where we find the buildings, the sea, and the boat that express the magic of nature, and where we find the ancient heritage features in the identity. There are also Saudi youth, both male and female, who express the house’s prosperity and the role of Saudi women in defending the homeland.

The slogan of Saudi National Day 92

Saudi National Day
The slogan of Saudi National Day 92

National Day is the day when we renew our sense of belonging and loyalty to this great nation. On August 13, 2022, the identity and slogan of the 92nd Saudi National Day were unveiled. The National Day’s slogan is “It is our home.” In popular songs, where is the word “dar” used?

The logo is divided into two sections: verbal and artistic. The word “home” was used in the verbal slogan because it is frequently used in songs and poems that express affection for one’s homeland. In addition to belonging and loyalty, the word home expresses pride and pride in this wonderful country.

The artistic logo expresses the Kingdom’s extent of creativity in describing it and its ability to contain everyone, as well as how it is the home and shelter for every citizen. Especially since the logo colors were chosen with great care and consideration, as each color has a different meaning and expresses feelings toward the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The color green in the National Day logo symbolizes ambition, security, and prosperity. The color yellow represents optimism and hope. The color red also represents determination and determination, especially since the color blue represents loyalty. We also associate success with the color orange. What beautiful and harmonious colors that represent the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s greatness and loftiness.

The National Day slogan “It is our home” is one of the most important slogans of Saudi National Day, and it is also the Saudi National Day 91 slogan.

What is the significance of Saudi National Day?

This day is observed, and the Saudi people are encouraged to observe it, in order to cement the Kingdom’s achievements in the minds of young people and to remind them of the heroism undertaken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s kings in order to preserve the country. As a result, it is the responsibility of every citizen and resident of the Kingdom to protect the country, as well as its security and stability. Tourist and religious landmarks, as well as historical monuments, should be prioritized. Furthermore, we must band together and work as one to build and prosper the Kingdom while also preserving its heritage and culture. Celebrating National Day instills a love of the country in future generations.

Saudi National Day Celebrations

Saudi National Day
Saudi National Day Celebrations

Many celebrations and festivals are held in various cities throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to commemorate Saudi National Day. The following are possibly the most important celebrations:

1-Fireworks, as the Kingdom’s sky, will be lit up with various fireworks on September 23. There will also be laser and light shows to illuminate the sky. All of them are ways of celebrating National Day and expressing citizens’ feelings on this day.

2- Posting images of the National Day on all social media and social sites as a kind of Internet celebration of the Saudi National Day.

3- Placing images of Saudi National Day on roads and streets. Saudi flags are also displayed on the structures.

4- Displaying drawings about the Saudi National Day in exhibitions and cultural centers, as well as teaching children to color drawings about the Saudi National Day

5- Performing cartoon character shows for Saudi National Day, and poetry will be recited on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s National Day

6- To encourage children’s participation in the National Day celebrations, a poem about Saudi National Day is recited.

7- On the occasion of National Day, most businesses, stores, restaurants, and cafes offer special deals and discounts.

8- Some schools advise students to wear Saudi National Day clothing and to read some paragraphs about the National Day inside the school to help students remember this day.

Saudi National Day is celebrated on

As previously stated, King Abdullah announced in 2005 his intention to make September 23 an official holiday beginning with the 75th National Day. During the reign of King Abdullah bin Aad Al-Aziz, the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology was also established in 2009, coinciding with the 79th National Day. Several heads of state attended the opening ceremony.

Furthermore, the tallest flagpole in the world was installed in Jeddah in 2014, coinciding with the 84th National Day. The mast is 171 meters tall and stands in the center of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Square. For the first time in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s history, the 85th national day coincided with the 9th of Dhul-Hijjah, the day of Arafa, in 2015.


Every year on September 23, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia commemorates National Unification Day. National Day is a day to celebrate one’s strength, pride, passion, and sense of belonging. As a result, everyone in the country should celebrate this wonderful day and join us in praying for the country’s prosperity and growth.

To answer the question “How long is Saudi National Day?” there are 25 days left to celebrate this wonderful occasion. That is why we dedicated an article to Saudi National Day in the Saudi Visitors Blog.

Wait for this wonderful day, as Saudi Arabia will be decorated with National Day pictures, in addition to drawing the Saudi National Day by the most famous artists and selecting the most beautiful drawing for the Saudi National Day. Saudi Airlines will also present the National Day promotion. You can read the article What You Need to Know Before to visit Saudi Arabia 2022

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