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The most recent 6 tourist attractions in Jeddah | Jeddah Tourism 2022

Jeddah is the bride of the Red Sea and the entry point to the Hejaz. In terms of area, Jeddah is the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia. The city of Jeddah’s outstanding geographical location has drawn the attention of numerous tourists and visitors to Saudi Arabia looking for interesting tourist destinations.

The Saudi Ministry of Tourism was interested in Jeddah, and tourism and entertainment projects were launched. Saudi Arabia has both domestic and international tourism.

At the highest levels in the region, Jeddah is considered one of the most renowned and beautiful Arab cities that reaches the resumption of registration in Jeddah. Highlighting the top ten most attractive tourist attractions in Jeddah that we recommend visiting and enjoying.

The most recent tourist attractions in Jeddah

Jeddah is regarded as one of the top tourist destinations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a diverse range of attractions. The following are the most recent tourist attractions in Jeddah:

1- yacht club

tourist attractions in Jeddah

The Yacht Club, which opened in May 2022, is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s largest tourist port. The Yacht Club is one of the destinations for the Jeddah season of 2022.

The Yacht Club is one of the most beautiful and unique clubs in Jeddah, as its location distinguishes it amid the lovely scenery and the seas of the Red Sea, and there are numerous boats of various sizes and forms. There are 100 boats and yachts. Additionally, there is a floating theater that hosts a variety of events and shows.

The great feature is that it includes more than one restaurant with elegant designs and distinctive service, as well as numerous shopping areas with all of the well-known brands, and you can take a tour of the sea onboard one of the yachts. It is also suitable for families, and there are many luxurious rooms. All of the hotel’s balconies offer breathtaking views of the sea, especially around sunset. As a result, the Yacht Club is regarded as one of the most stunning tourist attractions in Jeddah.

2- Cyan Water Park

Cyan Water amusement park is located on King Saud Road in Jeddah, particularly around Obhur Al Shamaliyah. Cyan Water Park is a recent project in Jeddah that is overseen by the ProSlide International Company, a water game manufacturer. With a surface area of 110,000 square meters, Cyan Water in the Middle East’s largest water park. Philip Baker, Vice President of business development in the company said that when  Cyan Water Park opens this year, it will be in the same category as other internationally famous water parks like Universal, Six Flags, and SeaWorld.

We recommend visiting them in the summer to escape the heat of Jeddah to the fun waterfalls and spend the most beautiful time of your life. There are 30 different games, and it is the favorite place for young and old, as it has artificial waves, torrential rivers, and water games, and is characterized by safety and the presence of many restaurants and cafes. Cyan Water Park is the most popular tourist attraction in Jeddah.

3- Jeddah Jungle Garden

The Jeddah Jungle Garden is the Middle East’s largest garden. There are numerous unusual animals and birds, such as the white lion, golden tiger,  and others. The Jeddah Jungle Park is the ideal location for adventure junkies. Where you can take the train to observe the animals on the safari.

In addition, there is an interactive theater where entertainment shows, festivals, and events such as circus shows and other events can be seen. There are also a variety of fascinating restaurants where you may enjoy the best meals   The Jeddah Jungle Park is also suitable for families, as it has a recreational area with a range of games, including shooting games, skill games, children’s games, and wonderful family sessions. The entrance fee to the Jeddah Jungle Park is 150 riyals per person, and it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jeddah.

4- Jeddah’s Prince Majed Garden

Prince Majid Park is located in Jeddah’s Al-Rabwa area, and it is one of the venues for the 2022 Jeddah season. The park was developed by the Jeddah Municipality and is one of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s programs to enhance the tourism sector as part of Vision 2030. With an area of 130,000 square meters, Prince Majid Park is regarded as one of the largest gardens and most beautiful tourist attractions in Jeddah.

The garden is ideal for families because it features fantastic family activities on the green grounds, as well as a broad walkway to take in the beautiful scenery. It also holds several recreational and cultural events.

A unique space within the garden is designated for artists to display their works and drawings. There are additional areas designated for games, such as the carnival games and the horror house, where tickets are required to enter. The children’s play area is free. There are many shops within the park to display unique local and foreign products. There are also restaurants and cafes.

The interactive fountain with lighting and flying water allows you to take in the beauty of the garden. You can purchase tickets to the Prince Majed Park at Jeddah Season events 2022 on the website.

5- Gambolin Hall

Gambolin Hall is an amusement park in Al Samer, near Al Amaken station. It opened in January 2022. It provides a variety of entertaining activities for children and adults aged 3 to 13 years old.

The Gambolin Hall offers a variety of games, including a professional trampoline game, a maze game, a volcano game, a warrior game, and a ninja challenge. The Gambolin Hall is one of the tourist attractions in Jeddah and, the largest kinetic entertainment city specializing in leaping activities. It also includes many types of entertaining activities and challenges. Food and drinks are available inside the Gambolin Hall.

The Gambolin Hall is open from four o’clock in the afternoon till midnight. Every Tuesday, there is a special deal called (play till you feel tired), which means that the price of entering the hall and playing all games is 75 riyals per person.

6- Waterfront (Jeddah Corniche)

The waterfront is one of Jeddah’s most significant waterfronts and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jeddah, drawing visitors from all over the world.

The waterfront was refurbished in 2017 as part of the Kingdom’s tourism development initiative. Jeddah’s waterfront is 4.5 kilometers long. If you’re seeking tourist attractions in Jeddah, we recommend going to the waterfront to participate in the activities and have a good time.

This Corniche has a lovely view of the Red Sea, and there are numerous cafes and luxury restaurants where you can eat, as well as a beautiful fountain, and it will be fun to take some souvenir photos here. When it comes to viewing the sunset, the location is magical, and if you have children, they may play in the area dedicated for them, which includes a variety of games suitable for various ages, all of which are safe.

Jeddah’s entertainment attractions

tourist attractions in Jeddah

Jeddah is one of the most important cities in the world, offering a wide range of entertainment venues to suit all tastes and ages. Here are some of the most important and prominent entertainment venues in Jeddah:

The Ice Land

The Ice Land  It’s a branch of the British Ice land centers, which have locations in a number of Arab and East Asian nations.

Ice Land is distinguished by its huge size since it is divided into three floors, each with a different set of games. There are billiards rooms, table tennis halls, bowling alleys, football fields, and other game halls in Ice Land. In addition to electronic games, there is a section devoted specifically to children’s games.

Ice Land is one of the city’s most distinctive tourist destinations because it combines the process of shopping with recreational activities, with a large group of shops that include well-known international brands and everything you need, as well as various restaurants where you can eat the best food with your family after a pleasant shopping tour.

We recommend visiting the recreational Ice Land if you are looking for tourist attractions in Jeddah that are full of fun, thrill, and adventure. The presence of a celebration hall, where different occasions such as parties and birthdays are hosted, is the most important feature of the Ice Land Entertainment City.

Jungle Land

Jungle Land, also known as Mersal Village, is one of Jeddah’s most popular tourist destinations. Mersal is well-known for its old heritage architecture. It gives the impression of being in an old village.

Jungle Land is a popular jungle town in Jeddah that is popular with visitors of all ages due to its fun and adventurous games, particularly the whirlpool. In the designated area, you can also enjoy driving tiny cars. You may take the family to a proper movie in the forest theatre.

In addition to the activities and events held within the town, there is a circus where you can watch animals that have been trained to the greatest degree perform skill displays that children and adults enjoy. So, while you’re in Jeddah, don’t forget to go to the Jungle Land where green places and special family sessions are available.

Atallah Amusement Park (Happy Land)

Atallah Amusement Park is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jeddah, and it is located on the Jeddah Corniche facing the Red Sea. It is also one of the most popular destinations for Jeddah locals because it offers a variety of fun games, activities, and events for both young and old.

The dancing fountain of vibrant colors is the most prominent activity and attraction within the Atallah amusement park. The dancing fountain offered an aesthetic view of the amusement park, making it one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Jeddah to come and enjoy. In addition to the broad green spaces that surround the fountain within the amusement park, the view becomes charming.

In addition to the amusement park’s entertainment shows, there are bowling and billiards halls, as well as a skating rink. Inside the Atallah amusement park in Jeddah, there are also various restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers where you can spend the most wonderful hours.

The amusement park’s most significant feature is the presence of a dedicated day for women alone, in order to protect women’s privacy while enjoying riding games and activities. As a result, Atallah Amusement Park is one of the tourist attractions in Jeddah.


Jeddah is one of Saudi Arabia’s most beautiful cities, as well as a tourist and business destination. The Saudi government, the Ministry of Tourism, and the General Entertainment Authority have all taken care of this wonderful city, establishing numerous projects to make Jeddah a tourism destination for Saudi Arabian visitors. There are more tourist attractions in Jeddah that we recommend visiting and enjoying. The majority of the tourist attractions in Jeddah are new or under development. As a result, in this post, we discussed the most recent six tourist attractions in Jeddah as well as the majority of the city’s entertainment options.



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