Winter Wonderland Riyadh

Discover the surprises of Winter Wonderland Riyadh Entertainment City

The Riyadh season is one of the entertainment seasons, with many commercial centers, clubs, and game cities participating, as well as a variety of shows and entertainment items available throughout Saudi Arabia. As a result, many tourists flock to that season every year to witness these celebrations and enjoy the festive atmosphere. It is worth noting that Winter Wonderland Riyadh is one of the areas where many joyful events take place during the Riyadh season each year. Learn about the details of organizing the Riyadh season and announcing the Riyadh season locations in 2022.

Winter Wonderland Riyadh area

Winter Wonderland Riyadh

Winter Wonderland Riyadh is one of the most famous areas in the city of Riyadh, which hosts a number of events every year during the Riyadh season that delight all Saudi families, and many tourists come to visit it from all over the world. The Winter Wonderland Riyadh will start from 22 October till 22 December. so we can learn about the most important benefits of visiting Winterland during the Riyadh season by reading the following:

1- Winter Wonderland is one of the entertainment areas that offer a variety of activities during the Riyadh season, as it provides fire shows and a variety of games for all ages, whether adults or children.

2- This city is also well-organized, which ensures your safety, whether for you or your family members and allows you to enjoy an enjoyable leisure tour.

3- It is worth noting that it includes a section called “Magic Toy Box,” which is one of the areas that offer a variety of shows and entertaining activities, as well as many embodied cartoon characters for children’s enjoyment.

4- It also has a lot of entertaining and interesting games, with up to 103 different games, including one of the most well-known beings (the House of Horror game – Skyloop game – a special rink for skateboarding).

5- One of the most notable features of Winter Wonderland Riyadh is the presence of a dancing fountain where you can watch the most beautiful, finest, and most famous musical performances.

Winter Wonderland Riyadh Activities

Winter Wonderland Riyadh

Because of the amazing activities that take place in it, as well as the number of different and varied games that suit everyone in the family, whether big or small, the Winter Land area is characterized by a lot of fun and excitement that you will not find in any other entertainment city, and we can learn about the most famous activities in Winter Wonderland Riyadh through the following:

1-Magic Toy Box area: With 103 games, there is no doubt that visiting that area in one day will not be enough to get to know and experience all of these games, let alone enjoy the entertainment atmosphere.

2- The Circus Tent: It is one of the tents in Winter Wonderland that presents many interesting and amazing acrobatic circus shows that are attended by large crowds every day during the Winter Wonderland Riyadh season.

3- Snowy Ocean: As it resembles a snowy maze, it is one of the areas where a large portion of the events are shown, whether for music or light shows.

4- Banquet hall: This is one of the children’s favorite halls because they can dress up as many cartoon characters and live in their environments, take pictures, and have fun and enjoyable moments.

5- The Wonderland Road: It is one of the most important Winter Wonderland events, limiting many wonderful and distinct views, and many tourists are eager to take memorial photos on that road due to its wonderful forms and views.

How to Purchase Winter Wonderland Tickets

Winter Wonderland Riyadh

Winter Wonderland Riyadh tickets are reserved electronically because they can be obtained easily by following several steps on the Winter land website for the Riyadh season, which we will work to clarify through the following:

1-It is necessary to access the “Riyadh Season” platform and log in with personal information (email – password).

2-After that, we click on the image with the white lines, and a list with several options appears, from which we select “Activities.”

3-Then we select ” Winter Wonderland Riyadh” and click the “Book Now” icon to complete the steps for Winterland to book entry tickets.

4-Then, select both (the desired booking date – the number of tickets to be booked) and click “Buy Now.”

5-Then, for the value of the tickets you want to book, various electronic payment methods will appear (Visa card – MasterCard card – Mada card – American Express card – stc payment).

6-After that, enter the card information you chose and choose to complete the electronic payment process before pressing the “Pay Now” button.

7-Then, on your phone, open the Tawakkalna app and get a code from it, then enter the code into the platform to connect them and get a link to book your tickets to enter Winterland.

winter wonderland Riyadh ticket price

The prices for booking Winter Wonderland tickets for the Riyadh season 2022 can be found by doing the following:

1-Tickets cost 55 SAR from Sunday to Wednesday.

2-While booking tickets on Thursday and Friday is expected to cost 110 Saudi riyals.

3-The cost of entry into the city for five days on the fast track is 400 Saudi riyals.

4-The ticket for civilian entry for a period of days is estimated to be around 200 Saudi riyals.

Advantages of visiting Winter Wonderland Riyadh

Winter Wonderland Riyadh

Wonderland is not your typical amusement park, as it is distinguished by its large size and presence in a strategic location in the city, allowing it to be easily visited and accessed. As a result, there are numerous benefits to visiting this wonderful entertainment city during the Riyadh season, which we can learn about by reading the following:

First: the city is not restricted to a specific age group, as it can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Second:  the city has many recreational areas and activities, such as (the Magic Toy Box area – the circus tent – the snowy ocean – the celebration hall – the Wonders Road).

Third:  the city provides a lot of cartoon characters that children love, making it a simulation of nature, and thus the joy of these children will be realized, and they will be able to get souvenir photos when they participate in these shows.

Fourth: unwind with family members by watching various water and musical performances in the celebration hall.

Fifth: an international circus with shows for children as young as three years old can be seen with the rest of the family.

Sixth: The presence and provision of a distinguished group of internationally renowned games such as (the wheel game – the waterwheel game – the missile game).

Seventh: Entry to this city is available on all days of the week during the Riyadh season celebrations, and you can book online to avoid crowding when visiting with family members.

Eighth: the prices of the gaming experience are reasonable, with a single game ticket costing between 15 and 75 riyals and being purchased from game kiosks located throughout the city.

Ninth: entry into that city is not restricted to a specific age range; all children, beginning with newborns, are welcome, and entry is free for all children under the age of one year.


In this article, we discussed one of the areas of the Riyadh season 2022, which is the Winter Wonderland Riyadh area, as well as the most important events that will take place there. In addition to Winterland ticket prices and the booking method for the Riyadh season. Since the beginning of the season, the Winterland region has been one of the Riyadh season’s regions.




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