Boulevard Riyadh City

Boulevard Riyadh City, the largest destination for the Riyadh season 2022

Boulevard Riyadh City is one of the areas that is celebrated each year during the Riyadh season. Boulevard Riyadh City is now one of the locations for the third Riyadh season in 2022. Tourists from all over the world come to enjoy its atmosphere, and it is worth noting that entering the Boulevard Riyadh City area is Free all days of the week, so you can easily have fun and entertainment alone, with your friends, or with your family.

Boulevard Riyadh City

Boulevard Riyadh City

The Boulevard Riyadh City is the most important and largest area of the Riyadh season 2022, as it attracts a large number of tourists and visitors from all over the world. Many recreational, cultural, and tourist events, activities, and festivals take place in the Boulevard area. This wonderful area will also host many life experiences and live performances. Learn more about the Riyadh season 2022.

There are numerous facilities on Boulevard Riyadh City to ensure the comfort of visitors, the most important of which are:

  • Restaurants are available.
  • There is also a VIP parking area.
  • Bathrooms
  • Food carts for people with special needs
  • Specialized prayer areas

Entrances to the Boulevard Riyadh City

Boulevard Riyadh City

One of the tourist areas in the Hittin district is the Boulevard Riyadh City. It also has many gates through which to enter, and we can identify the Riyadh Boulevard gates by the following:

1- Abu Bakr Salem Entrance Gate: This is one of the gates that allow visitors to quickly access the fountain and enjoy its various shows.

2- Studio entrance gate: This is one of the gates that allow you to easily access the studio located within the area.

3- Music entrance gate: This is one of the gates that will quickly connect you to the fountain and music site for those who do not need to enter the visitor parking.

4- Movie Entrance Gate: This is one of the gates that allows you to enter and exit the cinema if you want to watch a movie alone or with friends.

5- Alley Entrance Gate: This is a gate that leads directly to the famous Alley area where you can rest and enjoy the Riyadh season’s atmosphere.

Boulevard Entertainment District Activities

Boulevard Riyadh City

The Boulevard area will host a variety of entertainment and tourism events from October 22nd to January 22nd. It is open daily from four o’clock in the evening until four o’clock in the morning. One of the most important activities in the Riyadh Boulevard area is also:

1- Theatrical and lyrical performances in the neighborhood’s theaters.

2- Shows of dance and entertainment at the fountain near the fountain gate.

3- Celebrate the Riyadh season with loud lights and music to enjoy the entertainment atmosphere.

4- Giving children a lot of privileges in the children’s area to ensure their enjoyment.

5- For the enjoyment of all visitors, a cinema show is available in the Boulevard area’s cinema.

6- Throughout the Riyadh season, there will be numerous special light and musical shows.

7- Concerts for the most famous artists and musicians, with Elissa and Haifa Wahbi performing on October 28, 2022. In addition to the artist Tamer Ashour and Yahaa Sultan’s concert in one of the Riyadh season 2022 concerts on October 27.

Boulevard Riyadh City locations

Boulevard Riyadh City

You will be able to have fun and excitement together once you enter the Boulevard gate, as it is a city suitable for all ages, whether young or old, where you can enjoy the distinctive entertainment atmosphere of the Riyadh season before we mention the events for the Riyadh season, we can learn about the most important places in the Boulevard Riyadh City through the following:

  • The fountain is dancing.
  • Global gaming hubs
  • A unique collection of cafes, restaurants, and cafes.
  • private cinemas
  • Outstanding theatrical and musical performances

The advantages of the Boulevard Riyadh City

Boulevard Riyadh City

Before discussing the method of booking Boulevard tickets, there are several benefits to visiting the Boulevard entertainment area, whether for yourself or your family members, and we can learn about the benefits of Riyadh Boulevard by reading the following:

1- The area is approximately three times larger than other traditional entertainment cities, providing you with a comprehensive and distinctive entertainment tour.

2- Boulevard Riyadh City has the largest cinema in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a wide range of local, international, and Arab films.

3- By visiting that area, you will be able to participate in interactive experiences that you will not find anywhere else. Many events are being held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the first time.

4- The city has an electric car circuit where you can spend time with your children, friends, or family members.

5- There are approximately 9 main areas in that city that you must visit when entering from any of the Boulevard area’s gates.

6- If you get tired or want to take a break during your trip, there are many cafes, restaurants, and cafes where you can rest.

7- There are many international and local stores in the Boulevard area if you want to shop. You can easily enter and buy, as well as experiment with various payment methods.

8- The city has about 4 theaters that show many concerts and special shows, as well as an electronic screen with an area of 8000 square meters.

9- There are approximately 20 thousand car parks in that city at your disposal as soon as you arrive to get a tour of the area without any problems.

10- Riyadh City Boulevard has about 12 tennis courts as well as a large golf course.

11- It is located in the Boulevard Arena, an international area, and a ski hall is equipped for people of all ages to enjoy fun and entertainment together.

12- There is also a large children’s area with approximately 500 electronic games that children prefer, try, and enjoy.

Restaurants in Boulevard Riyadh City

A restaurant area has been designated, which includes a group of international restaurants as well as restaurants specific to the Boulevard Riyadh City, the most important of which are:

1- Place L Eoile

Etoile is one of the Boulevard restaurants that serves French cuisine on an international scale. Mam Etoile dishes transport you to the enchanting city of Paris.

Boulevard Riyadh City

2- Dakhna

Dakhna Saudi Restaurant serves traditional Saudi cuisine with an authentic flavor. If you like Qaradan, Hanini, or authentic Saudi Kabsa, you should go to Dukhna Restaurant and eat traditional food.

Boulevard Riyadh City

3- Karamna

A wonderful experience of Lebanese cuisine and delicious dishes to the sound of music at the Boulevard-area Lebanese restaurant Karmna. Everything you want from Lebanese cuisine, including tabbouleh, grape leaves, and more.

Boulevard Riyadh City

4- Kasbah

From France to Saudi Arabia, then to Lebanon, and finally to the Maghreb. Moroccan cuisine in the style of Marrakesh. Tagine, Moroccan Casablanca, and Moroccan delicacies are available.

Boulevard Riyadh City

5- Le Relais De L Entercote

L’Orolet de Lantercote serves exquisite French flavors. Take pleasure in the French Entrecote Steak.

Boulevard Riyadh City

6- Layali Shamiya Restaurant

In the ambiance of the Boulevard, dine on the most delectable Levantine dishes. Layali Al-Shamiya Restaurant is one of the best in the Boulevard area, serving a wide range of Levantine dishes to suit all tastes.

Boulevard Riyadh City
Boulevard Riyadh City

7- Beirut Khanum

The Boulevard is dominated by Lebanese cuisine. Beirut Khanum Restaurant serves the most delectable Lebanese dishes in a sophisticated setting.

Boulevard Riyadh City

8- Layali Al Iraq Restaurant

If you enjoy Iraqi cuisine. For the first time in Saudi Arabia, the Iraqi Nights Restaurant has opened. In its various forms, authentic Iraqi cuisine.

Boulevard Riyadh City

Boulevard Riyadh City Cafes

In addition to the restaurants on the Boulevard Riyadh City that serve a variety of international and Arab dishes, there are a number of cafes where you can sit and eat drinks, sweets, and other snacks. The following are the most important of these cafes:

1. Grand Café

One of the Lebanese cafes on the Boulevard, distinguished by its lovely decor and delectable drinks. The Grand Cafe has excellent sessions and a lively atmosphere.

Boulevard Riyadh City

2- Petit Café

Petit Café is one of the more distinctive cafes in the Boulevard area, serving a variety of coffees as well as hot and cold drinks and snacks.

Boulevard Riyadh City

Boulevard tickets in Riyadh Season 2022

You can easily book Boulevard Riyadh City tickets online using the official Riyadh season platform by following the steps below:

1- Log in to the “Riyadh Season” platform in Saudi Arabia and look for a group of events called “The Boulevard Events” in the reservation list. Or via Enjoy platform.

2- After that, click on the “Book Now” icon, and you will be prompted to enter both (name – password), as well as create a new account if you do not already have one.

3- Then, click “Buy Now” and select your preferred payment method, whether it is credit card or PayPal (Visa card – credit card – discount voucher).

4- After selecting the number of tickets you want to enter the Boulevard Riyadh City, click on the option to complete the ticket purchase process.

Riyadh Boulevard ticket prices

We can find out how much it will cost to buy tickets for the Boulevard Riyadh City during the Riyadh season 2022 by doing the following:

During the day (Saturday – Sunday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday), admission to the Boulevard area costs up to 50 Saudi riyals. The cost of entering the area on Mondays is completely free for all individuals. Individuals under the age of 12 are free to enter the area and do not need to pay any fees or ticket prices.

Booking conditions for Boulevard City tickets

When purchasing tickets for the Boulevard Riyadh City, there are a few things to keep in mind, regardless of their number. These key points are as follows:

1- Sold tickets cannot be returned or exchanged indefinitely.

2- The ticket for that area includes the full amount of the additional tax.

3- You must arrive at the time of ticket purchase. There is no way to enter before or after the time.

4- You must enter through the gates at the time specified and not later.

5- Children under the age of 12 are only permitted to enter with their families or parents.

6- All public morals in all places and areas must be followed when entering the area.

7- Tickets for the Riyadh season in Saudi Arabia can only be purchased through the official platform.

8- When visiting the area, you must use a ticket booking link to obtain your ticket.

9- You can purchase tickets for the games at the designated kiosks located throughout the area.

Car parks in the Boulevard area

When you want to watch and enjoy the events on the Boulevard, you can easily park your car in a completely safe place by using the visitor car parks, and we can learn about the value of the services provided by these Riyadh Boulevard car parks by doing the following:

The value of car parking services has nothing to do with reserving the Boulevard’s entrance, and it is worth noting that its services are free on days when the Boulevard is closed (Sunday – Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday). On days (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday), parking fees are 10 riyals for the first hour and 5 riyals for each additional hour.


The Boulevard Riyadh City is one of the most important areas of the Riyadh season in 2022, hosting numerous tourism and entertainment events and festivals. It also has a plethora of restaurants and cafes serving the most popular foods and beverages.

We discussed everything related to the Riyadh Boulevard area in this article, including events, activities, cafes, restaurants, and how to book tickets. In addition to the cost of admission to the Boulevard area.

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