Now!! Register for the free Al Rajhi Hajj Campaign 1445

Now!! Register for the free Al Rajhi Hajj Campaign 1445

The Al-Rajhi Hajj campaign is one of the most well-known Hajj campaigns, with the goal of assisting pilgrims to the Sacred House of God who do not have the financial means to perform Hajj. Especially with the approaching Hajj season, we find that research on many campaigns for performing Hajj rituals within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has increased in recent periods. There are also many Hajj campaigns that offer the best services for pilgrims’ convenience. However, the majority of people are looking for free campaigns.

What is the Al-Rajhi Hajj Charity Campaign?

Al-Rajhi Hajj campaign

The Al Rajhi Hajj Campaign is one of the most prominent Hajj campaigns in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, serving pilgrims to perform Hajj rituals, which is concerned with that duty in a charitable manner for pilgrims by registering in several steps.

Registration in Al-Rajhi Hajj Campaign 1445

Registration for the Al Rajhi Hajj Campaign in Saudi Arabia is increasing these days, so hurry up and reserve your spot in this wonderful campaign. Many citizens seek to follow several steps for the registration process in the Al-Rajhi campaign for Hajj for the year 1445 to be completed, and it must be followed according to several steps as follows:

1- Visit the Al-Rajhi Hajj campaign website.

2- Fill out the registration form on the Al-Rajhi Hajj Campaign website.

3-Enter your e-mail address and password to register on the site.

4- The citizen’s total identity number is entered.

5- Make a note of the citizen’s phone number.

6- Click on the login icon shown in the image.

حملة الراجحي للحج

7- Log in with the email address and password you created in the previous steps.
8- Select the applicant’s residence area.

9- Complete the application form.

10- Submitting the form and waiting for the campaign’s acceptance or rejection message.

Registration requirements for the Al Rajhi Hajj Campaign 1445

The Al Rajhi Hajj Campaign is regarded as one of the most prominent campaigns that enable many citizens to perform Hajj rituals despite not having the financial means to do so. Benefits from this campaign and the conditions that have been announced on the campaign’s official website are as follows:

1- He must be a citizen of the Kingdom with Saudi nationality.

2- The beneficiary’s age must be at least fifty years old.

3- The beneficiary must not have a regular source of income.

4- The registrant should not have benefited from any similar campaign to the Al-Rajhi campaign.

5- His name does not appear on previous years’ pilgrim lists.

6- Physical fitness and the absence of any disabilities.

7- Possessing a certificate of good conduct.

8- That it satisfies all Hajj requirements.

Al Rajhi Hajj Campaign

It is one of the domestic pilgrims’ charitable campaigns. Al Rajhi Hajj Campaign was established by the sons of Haj Abdulaziz Saleh Al-Rajhi, may God have mercy on him, to assist citizens who lack the financial means to perform the Hajj. The free Hajj campaign of Haji Abdulaziz Saleh Al-Rajhi and his sons Saleh and Muhammad, may God have mercy on them, is an ongoing charity.

The campaign is managed and supervised by their children and grandchildren, who are in charge of organizing it, and it is one of the campaigns in which the focus is on seeking an easy pilgrimage for every pilgrim who does not have an income, as material and advocacy care is provided based on their reliance on one of the best human competencies that are characterized by their honesty and sincerity in the job.

Where every year, Al-Rajhi Company announces its Hajj campaign, which is characterized as combining the approach of science and creativity in the field of charitable work to carry out its exports properly, by attracting several Enjoyable competencies with an innate talent and personal ability that distinguishes them from others, as their first goal is to achieve good deeds and help others.

Features of Rajhi Hajj Campaign 1445

There is a set of characteristics that make this campaign the most successful and famous in the Kingdom, as it is at the beginning of each year, and with the approach of the Hajj season, it begins with its launch event, which is known to primarily target citizens with limited financial income, making them unable to perform the Hajj, and it has always sought to present a group Distinctive services for pilgrims, which are as follows:

1- The Al-Rajhi Charity Campaign is distinguished by the provision of a variety of special training courses designed to provide pilgrims with all of the necessary information and instructions in order to perform the Hajj and all of its rituals.
2- During the camps, the Al-Rajhi Charity Campaign works to provide a distinguished group of food programs.
3- The Al-Rajhi Charity Campaign is also working to provide pilgrims with a variety of modes of transportation to transport them from all regions of the Kingdom to the camps.
4- It also includes the campaign’s train bracelet, which enables the pilgrim to travel between rituals via the campaign’s train.

Announcement of registration in the Al-Rajhi Hajj campaign 1445

There is a large group of special advertisements to register for the Al Rajhi Hajj Campaign through various means, whether the registration takes place through the company’s website, where it is allowed to receive requests for a free pilgrimage through various means, including the website, and it is possible that To facilitate access to the data of the coordinators from different regions of the Kingdom, it is possible to communicate via the unified number 920033045.

Registration requirements for Al Rajhi Hajj Campaign 1445

There is a set of papers and certificates that must be available to register correctly in the Al Rajhi Hajj Campaign 1444, which regulates the acceptance of applications by organizing and collecting these papers by allocating a database for each region after the citizen selects it through a specific feature on the website of this campaign, and it is as follows:

1- Personal photos in 4*6 format for men.
2- For families, a special copy of the family card, front and back.
3- Papers were used to prove the companions’ kinship.
4- Each independent pilgrim should have a mobile phone number.

Download the Al Rajhi Hajj Campaign registration form

Al-Rajhi Hajj campaign

The search for the Al-Rajhi Company’s official website increased significantly in order to benefit from the free campaign for the Hajj, as the campaign developed a special form for registration, which is done by filling out the registration form that is affiliated according to each region in which the citizen lives.

Whereas after the adoption of most of the services for the websites, the services became easier and faster for the citizen in particular, so the issue began to become easier and more flexible than many years ago when registration could only be done by going to some government offices, and Al Rajhi Hajj Campaign had launched its official link that anyone could use. It is easily accessible by directly clicking on the link for this free charity campaign, which aims to assist people of Saudi nationality in particular.

The creation of many websites that specialize in providing many services related to the rituals of Hajj and Umrah has demonstrated the level of interest in this topic.


If you want to perform Hajj through the Al Rajhi Hajj Campaign, register as soon as possible. The campaign provides financial and moral support to everyone who wants to participate. How to Register for the Al Rajhi Hajj Campaign, as mentioned in this article. You can also stay up to date on campaign news by following the Al-Rajhi Hajj Campaign on Twitter.

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