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The best Hajj campaigns 1443 / 2022

The demand for Hajj campaigns increases with the approaching Hajj season. As registration for Hajj begins on Dhu al-Qi’dah 3, corresponding to June 13, 2022. The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has also approved some Hajj companies in Saudi Arabia to organize Hajj campaigns and provide services to pilgrims and guests of God.

In a previous article, we mentioned how to register for Hajj for the year 1443 / 2022 and the conditions for registering for Hajj. Where the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah allowed only 60,000 people from inside Saudi Arabia, citizens and residents, to perform Hajj. This is due to the spread of Coronavirus Covid-19. The ministry also noted the need for pilgrims applying for Hajj to receive the vaccine against the Coronavirus.

Many Hajj campaigns have started receiving Hajj requests, preparing and preparing for the Hajj season, and providing the best services to pilgrims. This is in order to maintain the safety, security, and stability of the pilgrims. Also, many people who want to perform Hajj are looking for the best Hajj campaigns to register in and to ensure getting the best services while performing the Hajj.

In this article, we will present the best Hajj campaigns for the year 1443 / 2022, which will provide the best services for pilgrims. You can also choose the best suitable Hajj campaigns for you according to the services provided by each campaign, which we will present in this article. Because the Hajj is limited to Saudi pilgrims only, citizens and residents, the light will be given to the Hajj campaigns from inside Saudi Arabia.

The best Hajj campaigns inside Saudi Arabia

Hajj campaigns

Hajj campaigns are the campaigns that have been approved by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to organize Hajj campaigns, provide services to pilgrims, and secure the arrival of pilgrims to Mecca to perform Hajj. The pilgrimage campaigns also provide places and tents for pilgrims to stay overnight in the holy sites and the movement of pilgrims between the holy sites. The Hajj campaigns are also responsible for providing food, water, and all the requirements of the pilgrims. The services provided by the campaigns vary according to the specifications and price of each campaign. It is possible to register for Hajj campaigns through travel and tourism companies and offices in Saudi Arabia.

Now we will present the best Hajj campaigns and the services they provide, which are:

1- Al Dhafira Company to serve domestic pilgrims

Al Dhafira Company is one of the Hajj campaigns with 30 years of experience in the field of travel and tourism and serving pilgrims. The Victory Campaign is organized during the Hajj season in order to provide services to the pilgrims. Al Dhafira Company also aims to facilitate the Hajj for pilgrims, provide them with comfort and safety, and help the pilgrims perform Hajj with ease and ease without being preoccupied with services. Al Dhafira Company has an integrated and cooperative team that works for the convenience of pilgrims.

Al Dhafira Company Services

1- Providing transportation for pilgrims to secure their arrival to Makkah Al-Mukarramah

2- Providing housing for pilgrims, where the best hotels in Makkah Al-Mukarramah are dealt with

3- The camps of the Al-Dhafira campaign are close to the holy sites for easy transportation of pilgrims and their arrival to the holy places in the fastest time and with the least effort

4- There are modern buses to transport pilgrims between the holy sites within a specific timetable set by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to ensure the safety of pilgrims and prevent crowding

5- The staff is responsible for serving the pilgrims and guiding them during the performance of the Hajj

6- There are various programs of services provided to pilgrims

7- Pilgrims are provided with meals, water, and hot and cold drinks

8- Preserving the safety of pilgrims by providing medical staff and by taking precautionary measures against the Coronavirus

How to register for the Al Dhafira campaign

1- Go to the Al Dhafira Company website

2- Log in with your personal data

3- Click on the available packages for booking

4- Choose the right package

5- You will be shown the program details with prices

6- Fill in the required information

7- Choose the facilities or add the facilities you need

8- Click on “Booking” to confirm the reservation

9- You will see payment details and fees

10- Enter the payment information to pay the fees

11- Your registration in the campaign will be confirmed after you obtain the Hajj permit

2- Al Mahmal Company for Hajj Services

Al Mahmal Company for Domestic Pilgrims Services has 24 years of experience in servicing pilgrims. All Hajj services are provided to facilitate the pilgrims and provide comfort and safety for the pilgrims. It also seeks to be distinguished by its services, as it has buses for transporting pilgrims equipped with the latest technologies. The shop campaign is considered the best Hajj campaign for its distinguished services.

The slogan of Al Mahmal Company is “The Most Expensive 99 Hours” which carries a great message for the pilgrims. The message of the slogan is that Al Mahmal Company is keen that the pilgrims invest 99 hours to perform the Hajj in worship, reverence, and getting closer to God and that the Al Mahmal campaign is responsible for meeting the needs of pilgrims and their services without the pilgrims preoccupying themselves with anything related to the service.

Al Mahmal campaign services

1- Receiving the pilgrims of the House of God from Jeddah airport and then transferring them to Mina in Makkah Al-Mukarramah to spend the day of Tarwiyah

2- Providing comfortable accommodation for pilgrims in Mina. Where there are air-conditioned rooms equipped with all services, devices, and tools. There are also toilets for the pilgrims of the Mahmal campaign.

3- Al-Mahmal campaign is concerned with hygiene and provides care services to pilgrims, especially with the spread of the Coronavirus, in order to ensure the safety of pilgrims

4- Providing buses to transport pilgrims to facilitate the arrival of pilgrims to the holy sites from Arafat and Muzdalifah without hardship or fatigue. Buses are equipped with the latest technology, and pilgrims are provided with water and cold drinks. The movement is also within timetables to facilitate the movement of buses and prevent overcrowding.

5- Providing places for pilgrims to stay in Arafat and Muzdalifah. Pilgrims are also provided with all services to ensure their comfort during their stay in the holy sites.

6- The pilgrims are provided with luxurious meals and all the pilgrims need from food, water, and drinks. There is also a large dining hall for the pilgrims of the Mahmal campaign

7- Al-Mahmal campaign provides health care for pilgrims, in order to ensure the safety of pilgrims

8- There is a chapel to perform prayers during the stay of pilgrims in the holy sites. In addition to the existence of a creative campaign for the shave and shortening campaign for men after completing the Hajj pilgrimage

9- The Mahmalah campaign presents a cultural program for pilgrims that includes various paragraphs, meetings, and seminars that are prepared and delivered by a number of sheiks and professors.

10- Al Mahmal campaign provides a special open buffet for pilgrims of the campaign. Where there are many varieties that are prepared with a high level of equipment.

How to register for the Al Mahmal campaign

1- Entering the Al-Mahmal Company website

2- Click on the registration method at the top of the page

3- If you want to register for Hajj and obtain a Hajj permit through the download campaign, click on the icon of the Ministry of Hajj located inside the site

Hajj campaigns

4- If you have a permit for Hajj and want to register in the Al-Mahmal campaign, click on Complete the registration procedures.

Hajj campaigns

5- Fill out the registration form and enter the required data (reservation number, name, ID number, mobile number, city of residence, assembly, direction, date)

6- In case of exception, you must attach some attachments

7- Click on Register Now

Contact numbers for Al Mahmal company

Landline 0126525050

To contact via WhatsApp or call 0558623623 / 0508623623

3- Charity campaign for Hajj ( Al Ihsan Campaign)

The charity campaign is one of the Hajj campaigns that provide services to pilgrims. The charity campaign has been approved by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah is among the campaigns allowed to organize Hajj. Al Ihsan Campaign has 29 years of experience in serving the pilgrims.

The charity campaign aims to facilitate Hajj for pilgrims and provide services to them so that they can devote themselves to performing Hajj and devote themselves to worship, reverence, and drawing closer to God. The charity campaign includes a cooperative team working on serving pilgrims, consisting of 450 people, and a successful and strong administration that strives to make efforts to serve the pilgrims. The charity campaign is also considered one of the best Hajj campaigns that you can register with to get the best services. In addition, the required papers and documents can be uploaded via the website in order to facilitate the pilgrims and save time and effort in going to the office in order to deliver the documents.

Charity Campaign Services

1- Receiving pilgrims from Jeddah airport and transporting them to Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

2- Transferring pilgrims from Jeddah, Madinah, Yanbu, Riyadh, Sakaka, and Al-Jawf to Makkah Al-Mukarramah, where there are offices in the campaign in these cities

3- Providing transportation for pilgrims to facilitate their movement between the holy sites.

4- Determining the points of the gathering pilgrims to prevent the pilgrims from being dispersed, lost or separated

5- Providing a place for pilgrims to stay. Where hotels are booked in Makkah and tents are provided in Mina and Muzdalifah

6- There is a special team for guidance, support, and assistance for the pilgrims of the charity campaign

7- The camps for the charity campaign are close to the holy sites for easy access for pilgrims to the holy sites

8- The camps are equipped with the latest technologies, as they have air conditioning and all the necessities of living and accommodation.

9- There is a buffet of various types of food, divided into three meals during the day, for pilgrims of the charity campaign. Hot and cold drinks are also available

10- In the Ihsan campaign, there is a religious guide approved by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs to answer the pilgrims’ questions and guide them and guide them on the rituals

11- In the charity campaign, there is a doctor for the pilgrims the campaign to monitor the health of the pilgrims and provide the necessary medical consultations for them

12- There are buses to transport pilgrims from Muzdalifah, Mina, and Arafat

13- Al-Ihsan campaign buses are modern and air-conditioned and provide special services to pilgrims

14- Transporting pilgrims according to schedules to prevent overcrowding and ensure the safety of pilgrims

15- Sending text messages to the pilgrims of the charity campaign to remind them of the time of departure and the place of gathering

16- Taking precautionary measures against the Coronavirus to preserve the health and safety of pilgrims

How to register in the charity campaign

1- Login to the charity website

2- Enter the ID number and the ministry reservation number as shown in the picture

Hajj campaigns

3- Enter the required information

4- Patch the required official documents, including the border permit

5- Click on “Register”

Contact numbers for the charity campaign

The main office is in Jeddah, and you can contact the number 0126399777

4- Rawahel Al-Mashaer Company for Hajj Services

Rawahel Al Mashaer Company for Domestic Pilgrims Services was established in 2008 and is one of the major Hajj campaigns of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. Rawahel Al Mashaer is a company specializing in transporting pilgrims between the holy sites, providing transportation that helps them perform the Hajj, and providing them with comfort and safety. The services of Rawahel Al-Mashaer Company are characterized by high quality and efficiency.

Rawahel Al Mashaer Company Services

1- The buses of Rawahel Al-Mashaer Company are modern and among the most famous types of international buses. Buses are also renewed annually to maintain the quality of transportation.

2- Rawahel Al-Mashaer Company has a large number of buses that can be considered a fleet of the latest bus models

3- High-quality, comfortable and safe buses to suit the needs of pilgrims. The campaign’s buses are also distinguished by luxury to make it easier for pilgrims to perform Hajj rituals with ease and ease

4- The camps of the Rawahel Al-Mashaer Company are equipped with the latest technology and technology, where there are LCD screens, DVDs, and headphones on the buses

5- The buses are air-conditioned so that the pilgrims get a high degree of comfort and tranquility

6- Rawahel Al-Mashaer Company has internet service to keep the pilgrims in constant contact with family and friends, especially on the journey, which takes a long time.

7- The campaign provides the necessary water for pilgrims, whether for drinking or use

8- The work team at Rawahel Al-Mashaer Company is specialized, highly efficient, and cooperative

9- Raqi bus drivers deal with pilgrims. Also, the drivers in the Rawahel Al-Mashaer campaign are highly qualified and trained

10- Commitment to health measures and precautionary measures by wearing a mask, preventing shaking hands, and preventing crowding

How to register for the Rawahel Al Mashaer campaign

1- Entering the Rawahel Al Mashaer campaign website

2- Click on the flight reservation icon at the top

3- Fill in the required information

4- Choose the location of the campaign office according to the city in which it is located. Meaning in which branch of the campaign do you want to register?

5- Click on send

Contact numbers for the Rawahel Al Mashaer campaign

Phone number: 0125913340

Mobile number: 0595599478, 0595599806


In this article, we dealt with the best Hajj campaigns for the year 1443 / 2022 inside Saudi Arabia, due to the restriction of Hajj to pilgrims from inside Saudi Arabia. We also discussed the services provided by each of the Hajj campaigns, which will help you choose the right campaign for you and register with it if you want to perform the Hajj. Where most pilgrims rely on Hajj campaigns to provide services to them and help them perform the Hajj. There are also some 1443 free Hajj campaigns, the most famous of which are the Al Rajhi Hajj campaigns.

Dear reader, you can also contact Hajj and Umrah companies through the contact numbers mentioned in the article to know the prices of the Hajj campaigns, get more details about the Hajj campaigns, and inquire about when the Hajj campaigns start to launch.

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