Concerts in Riyadh

Hussein Al Jasmi and Amr Diab at Concerts in Riyadh 2022

Concerts in Riyadh are the main draws for the Riyadh season 2022. Many people and visitors to the Riyadh season are looking forward to the concerts of the Arab world’s most famous male and female singers. As well as concerts and poetry evenings held in Riyadh Season restaurants and cafes.

It should be noted that the Riyadh season 2022 began on October 21, with a grand opening ceremony that included a Cirque du Soleil show, a drone show, and live music performances. The Riyadh season 2022 areas have also been announced, and events and festivals have begun in them.

 Riyadh is hearing a lot of tunes at the Concerts in Riyadh 2022, which will leave visitors to the Riyadh season with unforgettable memories. If you enjoy concerts, keep reading to learn about the dates of Riyadh concerts in the 2022 Riyadh season, as well as the most famous artists and artists performing at Riyadh season concerts. In addition, we will learn about the prices of Concerts in Riyadh tickets and how to book Riyadh season concert tickets.

Concerts in Riyadh 2022

Concerts in Riyadh

Concerts in Riyadh have been going on since the beginning of the season, and a new concert for a group of Arab artists is announced every week. Rotana and Punch Mark are the sponsors of the Riyadh Season concerts. On October 27, the first concerts of the Riyadh season began with the artists Baha Sultan and Tamer Ashour.

On October 28, Elissa and Haifa Wehbe performed their second Riyadh season concerts to a large audience. Let us now get acquainted with the Riyadh concert schedule for the Concerts in Riyadh 2022, which includes:

1- Hussein Al Jasmi concert

Concerts in Riyadh

Hussein Al Jasmi, an Emirati artist, will perform at Concerts in Riyadh on November 4, 2022. Hussein Al Jasmi, an accomplished Emirati artist, is well known. He is an artist who has received a lot of love from the audience because he shines and stands out with all of his songs. The audience, in particular, enjoyed singing Al Jasmi in all of the popular Gulf and Egyptian dialects.

Hussein Al Jasmi has also performed at numerous music festivals in Arab countries. His songs are very popular, as his song (Heta Min Albi), which was released in 2021, received one million views in 24 hours.

As a result, the Riyadh audience is eagerly anticipating the appearance of the mighty artist Hussein Al Jasmi at the Concerts in Riyadh 2022. On November 4, the concert will also be held at the Mohammed Abdo Arena Theater on Riyadh City Boulevard.

2- Ayed concert

Concerts in Riyadh

Hussein Al Jasmi, a great artist, and Ayed Yousef, a young Saudi artist, will both attend the concert. For those who are unfamiliar with the artist, Ayed Youssef is a Saudi artist who began his singing career in 2015 on one of the most popular social media platforms.

In 2016, he released his song “Fman Allah,” which received over 8.5 million views in the Arab Gulf countries. Ayed Youssef, a young artist, will perform at the Concerts in Riyadh 2022 on November 4 at the Mohammed Abdo Arena Theater on Riyadh City Boulevard.

3- Aseel Hamim concert

Concerts in Riyadh

The audience-favorite song “My Heart Is Like You” by able artist Aseel Hamim will be heard at Concerts in Riyadh during the Riyadh season 2022. Aseel Hamim, an Iraqi singer with a sweet voice and delicate feelings, will perform at the Riyadh season concerts on November 4 at Mohammed Abdo Arena in Boulevard City.

Aseel Hamim, the artist, will take part in one of Riyadh’s most beautiful nights with the great artist Hussein Al Jasmi and the artist Ayed Youssef. A lyrical night full of feeling and sadness, the sweetest melodies, and the most beautiful tarab songs in an atmosphere beyond imagination at the 2022 Riyadh season concerts.

4- Amr Diab concert

Concerts in Riyadh

Amr Diab, the great Egyptian artist, the owner of traditional songs and songs of nostalgia, will shine in Concerts in Riyadh in 2022. Amr Diab is a well-known Arab singer who has received numerous musical awards. Perhaps we’ll hear “Habibi Ya Nour Al-Ain,” a song that many of us loved, at the Riyadh Season concerts.

The artist Amr Diab will live a wonderful night in the Riyadh season in 2022, with the participation of Rodge. On November 3 from 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., we will listen to tarab songs in an enthusiastic atmosphere with the wonderful singer and beloved artist, Amr Diab, at Abu Bakr Salem Theater on the Boulevard, Riyadh City.

Tickets Prices for Concerts in Riyadh 2022

Tickets for the Concerts in Riyadh can be purchased online via the enjoy platform or the Riyadh season website. Choose Book Now or Buy Tickets where the details of each concert will be displayed. In addition, an electronic ticket will be emailed to you 24 hours before the concert.

Ticket prices for the Riyadh season concerts will start at 591.93 Saudi riyals, depending on the type of ticket. The following are the various types of Riyadh concert tickets:

  • The bronze ticket
  • gold ticket silver ticket
  • The platinum ticket
  • The diamond ticket
  • The Royal Ticket

Conditions for attending Concerts in Riyadh 2022

The organizer of the Riyadh concerts and the Riyadh season 2022 has established some rules, regulations, and terms that visitors must follow. Violations of laws and regulations will bring its owner to justice. The following are possibly the most important of these conditions:

  • Tickets must be purchased online and in advance of the event.
  • It is prohibited to re-use the ticket after scanning it.
  • Ticket sales are not permitted.
  • Tickets are not returnable or exchangeable for any reason.
  • Arrival is required prior to the start of the concert, and no one will be admitted after that time.
  • The ticket holder must double-check the concert’s date, time, and location, as the organizer is not responsible for any issues.
  • Only if the concert is canceled or postponed for any reason will tickets be refunded.
  • Persons under the age of 12 are not permitted to attend.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted inside the showroom.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring any sharp tools.
  • Professional cameras and recording equipment are not permitted.
  • Only mobile camera photography is permitted.
  • Inside the showroom, smoking is not permitted.
  • Everyone must stay in their assigned seats.
  • Riyadh Concerts is not responsible for personal items lost or stolen.
  • Persons with disabilities must stay in the designated areas.
  • The organizers of the Riyadh concerts have the authority to take action against anyone who violates the terms and laws.


Concerts in Riyadh 2022 are still being planned, and the city of Riyadh is still witnessing wonderful singing nights with famous Arab art stars. It is worth noting that after the Riyadh season concerts 2021 received a large turnout and a large audience for the audience, the Riyadh season audience is waiting for the announcement of the Riyadh concerts 2022.

The great artist Hussein Al Jasmi, the wonderful artist Aseel Hamim, and the artist Ayed will perform at the Mohammed Abdo Theater Arena on November 4, 2022. In addition to the artist Amr Diab’s performance on November 3rd at the Abu Bakr Salem Theatre. All Riyadh Season concerts will take place on the Boulevard in Riyadh.

Many people have inquired about Majid Al Mohandes’ Riyadh concerts and whether they will be included in the Riyadh season concerts in 2022. The answer is that no concert for Majid Al Mohandes has been announced as of yet. Follow the enjoy platform or the Riyadh Season website if you are interested in Riyadh concerts and want to know about Riyadh concerts today and their details.

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