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Saudi Arabia receives Haya Qatar card holders who are fans of FIFA 2022

Despite the differences between the Gulf states, and despite the three-year blockade imposed on the State of Qatar by the Gulf states, relations were quickly restored, and borders between the State of Qatar and the Gulf states, the most important of which is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, were opened. Following the Gulf Cooperation Council conference in Al-Ula, Saudi Arabia, it was agreed to open the air and land borders between the Gulf states and the State of Qatar, as well as to lift the siege imposed on the State of Qatar.

Qatar is preparing to host the 2022 FIFA Club World Cup, a global event. A large number of tourists and visitors who are World Cup fans will visit Fitr, provided they obtain a Haya Qatar card. The role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia emerged from this, and it announced its welcome to visitors to the State of Qatar who is World Cup fans and has the “Haya Qatar Card.”

In a previous article, we discussed the tourist attractions in Qatar as well as the Qatari countries’ preparations for the 2022 FIFA Club World Cup. In this article, we will discuss the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s preparations to welcome World Cup fans with the Haya Qatar card to the State of Qatar.

Haya Qatar card

Haya Qatar

The “Haya Qatar” card allows you to enter Qatar and watch the World Cup matches that will be held there. The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy of Qatar also announced that obtaining a Haya Qatar card is required for entry into the State of Qatar during the 2022 World Cup and that no one without a Haya Qatar card will be allowed to enter the State of Qatar.

To obtain a Haya Qatar card, you must apply online using the link. Where the request will be studied and approved or rejected based on the fulfillment of the required conditions.

In addition to attending World Cup qualifiers matches, obtaining a Haya Qatar card includes a visa to enter the State of Qatar, attend matches, and stay in a hotel for one night. The Haya Qatar card will also be used to verify ticket holders’ identities.

The Haya Qatar card provides its holders with a variety of benefits and services, including free transportation and transportation. From November 10 to December 23, it is possible to travel for free on public transportation throughout the State of Qatar.

The requirements for obtaining the Haya Qatar card

The following conditions must be met by anyone wishing to obtain a Haya Qatar card in order to enter the State of Qatar and attend World Cup matches:

1- The applicant must possess a current and valid match ticket.

2- The applicant must be over the age of 18 or be related to one of the parents.

3- Adhere to the regulations and laws of the Qatari countries while in them, as well as the laws of the International Football Association FIFA.

4- Access to all benefits and services provided by the State of Qatar to Haya Fitr cardholders in accordance with the service provider’s terms.

5- Visitors to the State of Qatar must obtain a valid visa prior to their arrival.

How to Get a Haya Qatar Card

Haya Qatar

After we have established the requirements for obtaining a Haya Qatar card, we can proceed to the application process, which is as follows:

1- Navigating to the Haya Qatar portal

2- Create an account and fill out the required information.

3- Select Submit a Card Request.

4- Complete the application by entering and verifying the required information.

5- You must agree to the terms and conditions.

6- After submitting the application, a response will be sent via e-mail with the application number, and the application will be accepted or rejected.

7- If the application is rejected, two additional applications are permitted.

8- It is not permitted to make changes to the application that is being reviewed.

Entering Saudi Arabia for “Haya Qatar” card holders

Haya Qatar

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the issuance of a multi-entry visa for World Cup fans with “Haya Qatar” cards. Visitors with a Haya Qatar card will also be welcomed in Saudi Arabia 10 days before the start of the World Cup, which will take place on November 20, 2022. The visa is valid for 60 days, and Saudi Arabia can enter and exit the country as many times as they want during that time.

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not set any conditions for Haya Qatar cardholders to enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is also not necessary to enter Qatar before visiting the Kingdom, as Haya Qatar card holders can travel to the Kingdom and enjoy its landmarks and events before returning to Qatar to attend matches and the 2022 World Cup. The only condition imposed by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs is that visitors obtain medical insurance before entering the Kingdom, which is a general requirement for anyone seeking a Haya Qatar card.

Performing Umrah for “Haya Qatar” card holders

Haya Qatar

The most important piece of good news circulated by media outlets and announced by Khaled Al-Shammari, Assistant Director General of the General Department of Visas at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is that Haya card holders are permitted to visit Madinah and Makkah to perform Umrah for free without the need to pay fees, from 11 November to 18 December 2022, where the visa is requested electronically through the Kingdom’s unified national platform for visas.

The distance between Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Haya Qatar

To the east, the State of Qatar borders the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and separates them from the Salwa crossing, one of the Saudi-Qatari borders. Salwa, which is 90 kilometers from Doha, is the nearest Saudi city to Qatar. It also has a port in Salwa for passengers traveling from Saudi Arabia to Qatar and vice versa.

The distance between Riyadh and Qatar is 498 kilometers, which takes 6 and a half hours to drive. The flights are 90 minutes long.

Qatari Riyal to Saudi Riyal

Haya Qatar

Many people who travel from Qatar to Saudi Arabia or vice versa wonder about the value of the Saudi riyal in relation to the Qatari riyal. A Saudi riyal is worth 0.97 Qatari riyals.

Saudi Arabia’s preparations to receive World Cup fans FIFA

Haya Qatar

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is getting ready to welcome World Cup fans with the “Haya Qatar” card. The World Cup coincides with the 2022 Riyadh season and numerous tourism projects in the Kingdom. The Saudi General Entertainment Authority has also taken care of tourist attractions and has planned numerous events, festivals, and seasons to welcome World Cup fans.

Riyadh Season 2022 will begin its activities concurrently with the start of the FIFA Club World Cup 2022, allowing tourists and visitors to enjoy these events while watching World Cup matches. Mrsool Park Stadium was also outfitted with large screens to broadcast matches, allowing visitors to experience a lively atmosphere.

Especially since the “Haya Card” World Cup holders’ visit to Saudi Arabia will allow them to discover the country’s tourist attractions and attend festivals, events, and seasons. Furthermore, many hotels and products have been prepared to receive World Cup fans, particularly in areas near the State of Qatar, which is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s eastern border.

Trips to Saudi Arabia and Qatar

Haya Qatar

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has lifted all restrictions that existed between it and the State of Qatar due to differences, the most significant of which were sugar restrictions. Where it permitted to travel to the State of Qatar and allowed Qatari residents to enter Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has prepared flights in advance of the World Cup, a major global event that will be held in Qatar.

Flights from Saudi Arabia to the State of Qatar have also been planned in order to attend the 2022 World Cup matches. Furthermore, during the World Cup, Saudi Airlines is fully prepared to transport and receive flights. It will operate 60 flights per day to and from Saudi Arabia.

In terms of land travel, the Salwa border crossing has been renovated and outfitted to accommodate visitors to and from Saudi Arabia. Because it was permitted to travel between the two countries by car 24 hours a day.


Saudi Arabia aims to develop the tourism sector and economic growth from a variety of sources rather than relying solely on oil. As a result, Saudi Arabia is seizing opportunities to attract tourists and visitors to the Kingdom. Where the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia allowed visitors to the State of Qatar who is fans of the 2022 World Cup and holders of the “Haya Qatar” card to enter the Kingdom and enjoy the Kingdom’s most important festivals, events, and seasons.

In this article, we discussed the “Haya Qatar” card and the process of obtaining a Saudi entry visa for “Haya Qatar” card holders. We also discussed Saudi Arabia’s preparations for World Cup visitors. Saudi Arabia is expected to receive a large number of visitors and tourists, whether from Qatar or from other countries around the world.





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