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Learn about Jeddah’s events and parties for the year 2022

In 2022, the city of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia experienced significant growth. Several Jeddah events were held in 2022, the most important of which were Jeddah’ss events, which were a huge success. Especially since the 2022 Jeddah season contributed to increased local tourism and the development of a vibrant and interactive community.

Jeddah’s events are one of the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which aims to highlight the Kingdom’s role in developing the field of culture and arts, which has contributed to the development of the Kingdom’s tourism and entertainment sectors. It is worth noting that these events were held by Saudi cadres, which contributed to the empowerment of the Saudi citizen and his participation in development.

Jeddah’s events 2022

The Jeddah season 2022 will include numerous entertainment activities and special events, as well as numerous wonderful parties and plays over the course of 60 days. This year’s season schedule includes the following  Jeddah’s events:

1- Organizing 20 concerts for the Arab world’s most famous artists, in addition to 7 other concerts in Jeddah’s events

2- The Jeddah season features an international circus for both adults and children.

3- The wonderful Jeddah fireworks, which last for 60 days, lit up the sky of the coastal capital, Jeddah for Jeddah’s events.

4- Jeddah’s events host 9 distinct and well-equipped areas at the highest level.

5- Several restaurants and cafes, totaling 140 in number, have been designated to serve Jeddah’s events visitors.

6- Organizing five international marine shows in Jeddah’s events

7- The exhibition includes 7 Arab plays as well as international plays by the most prominent international and Arab artists.

8- 70 interactive experiences were added during the Jeddah season 2022, where the life experiences that were held during the Jeddah’s events were the most popular by visitors.

List of Jeddah concerts season 2022

Jeddah’s events

Many Arab and international concerts are scheduled for the Jeddah season in 2022. These concerts will continue throughout the Jeddah season, with the organizer of the Jeddah season confirming the following dates for the concerts:

1- Abadi Al-Jawhar, Ali Abdul Karim, and Omaima Talib’s concert in Jeddah’s western sky on May 7, 2022.

2- A concert by Arab artist Mohammed Abdo in Jeddah Super Dome, opposite Al Jawhara Stadium, on May 6, 2022.

3- Amr Diab’s concert in Jeddah’s western sky on May 5, 2022

4- Majid Al Mohandes’ concert in Jeddah Super Dome, opposite Al Jawhara Stadium, on May 4, 2022.

5- Mohamed Ramadan’s concert in Jeddah Super Dome, opposite Al Jawhara Stadium, on May 3, 2022.

The duration of Jeddah’s events in 2022

There are many questions about the duration of the Jeddah season 2022 to enjoy the various offers and Jeddah’s events  that this distinguished season is witnessing, so we provide you, dear reader, with the exact start and end dates of the season of Jeddah’s events 2022:

The Jeddah Season began at the beginning of May and will last for two months. The Jeddah Season also lasted 60 days and featured a distinguished lineup of entertainment shows and events for an unrivaled atmosphere of fun and enjoyment.

Zones for the Jeddah’s events 2022

Jeddah’s events

The Jeddah Season  2022 organizer has designated nine significant areas for the establishment of Jeddah’s events entertainment. We will look at the following Jeddah entertainment venues:

1- Jeddah Pier: Jeddah Pier has many special offers and entertainment games, as well as Red Sea mobile amusement parks.

2- Jeddah Yacht Club: It houses the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s first tourist marina, a number of wonderful restaurants and cafes, and a collection of luxury stores. It is one of the most well-known events in Jeddah 2022.

3- Cirque du Soleil: It hosts a variety of circus shows that fascinate visitors and is one of the most visited areas during the Jeddah season. In the following paragraphs, we will go over Cirque du Soleil Jeddah’s activities in greater depth.

4- Jeddah Art Promenade: This is a long walkway that runs along the sea and includes terraces with views of the Red Sea, an 80-meter exploration tower, and international shops and restaurants for all tastes.

5- Prince Majed Park: This is the most beautiful area of the Jeddah Season and one of Jeddah’s largest gardens, making it ideal for families. It has a kid’s area, a theater, and a variety of restaurants.

6- City Walk: One of the season’s largest areas in  Jeddah. It has a lot of restaurants and unique shops. It also includes one-of-a-kind entertainment activities such as Hot Wheels and Balloon shows, which are among the most well-known Jeddah events for 2022.

7- Jeddah Superdome: It hosts a variety of shows and concerts featuring a diverse range of artists from the Arab world and around the world.

8- Jeddah Jungle: It has a unique zoo, the largest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a collection of rare birds, animals, and reptiles. It also has a gaming area and hosts a number of special shows.

9- Al-Balad District: There will be a variety of dazzling entertainment and educational activities, as well as many restaurants and cafes, to allow visitors to rest and enjoy visiting Jeddah’s most prominent historical landmarks. It is also one of Jeddah’s oldest neighborhoods.

Highlights of Jeddah’s events 2022

As previously stated, the Jeddah season saw the establishment of many events and recreational activities in 9 different regions, and we have discussed some of Jeddah’s activities in previous articles. Now we will discuss the most important and prominent Jeddah events, which are as follows:

Cirque du Soleil Jeddah 2022

Jeddah’s events

Cirque du Soleil is one of the areas of the Jeddah season that will host many Jeddah events. The presence of exciting acrobatic shows suitable for all groups and ages distinguishes Cirque du Soleil Jeddah. You can take the family to Cirque du Soleil in Jeddah and enjoy watching acrobatic performances.

Ticket prices for Cirque du Soleil Jeddah 2022

On May 2 of this year, the Entertainment Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the start of Jeddah’s events, and one of the most prominent events of the Jeddah season is Cirque du Soleil, which is distinguished by its wonderful shows that attract visitors from all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you want to see Cirque du Soleil, buy Circus tickets, which cost between 85 Saudi riyals and 275 Saudi riyals inclusive of VAT. Find out about ticket prices here:

1- Cirque du Soleil Jeddah Diamond Season Ticket (Saudi Riyals 257

2- A season golden ticket to Cirque du Soleil Jeddah for 190 Saudi riyals.

3- Cirque du Soleil silver tickets range from 130 Saudi riyals to 190 Saudi riyals.

4- A bronze Cirque du Soleil ticket costs 85 Saudi riyals.

Ticket booking link for Cirque du Soleil Jeddah

In order to avoid crowding at the ticket office and in accordance with the precautionary measures adopted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to avoid the spread of the new Coronavirus, the organizer of the Jeddah season has made available the service of booking tickets online when you want to attend Jeddah events, tickets for Cirque du Soleil can be booked from the Jeddah season website and follow Simple steps to complete the reservation:

1- Navigate to the Jeddah Season official website.

2- Select an event from the Cirque du Soleil Jeddah Season

3-Click the Book Now icon

4- Select the ticket class and seat that best suits your needs.

5- Select the “Book your ticket” option.

6- A calendar will appear, allowing you to choose a reservation date that works for you.

7- Choose the number of tickets you want to purchase, then click the “Purchase Tickets” tab to finish the booking process.

What makes Cirque du Soleil and Jeddah’s events unique?

1- Cirque du Soleil has a wide range of shows divided into three categories. The first show is only in one location for a limited time. It is a resident show, much like a Broadway residency. The second show travels between cities using the classic circus tent and lasts for weeks, while the third moves quickly from one city to another. It is a traveling circuit show.

2- Unlike some circus shows that rely on the presence of animals such as lions, dogs, and others, Cirque du Soleil does not use animals in its performances.

3- Cirque du Soleil has a unique trampoline show that adds to the fun.

4- Cirque du Soleil features many twins, including Marina and Svetlana Tsudikova of England.

Conditions for purchasing Cirque du Soleil Jeddah’s events Tickets

The organizer of the Jeddah Season activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia emphasized the importance of meeting the following conditions for those wishing to attend the distinguished circus performances at the Jeddah’s events:

1- Arriving at the circus for a specified period of time before the start of the show in order to organize entry to the exhibition and to sit in the specified seat when booking

2- Latecomers are not permitted to enter the show and are not entitled to a refund for the value of the previously purchased ticket.

3- A reservation ticket may not be refunded, exchanged, or sold to another person for monetary gain.

4- Children under the age of three are not permitted to attend the show.

5- Do not use a professional camera during Jeddah events.

6- Agree to publish the offer’s content on social networks on the Internet.

7- Commitment to public morals during Jeddah events performances

8- Bring the reservation card and the national identity card or residence permit to verify the person’s age.

9- It is not permitted to bring in prohibited items that may interfere with the presentation.

10- Examine the collectibles personally before making an offer.

11- Refunding the price of the reservation tickets to visitors when canceling the offer for legal or security reasons within 14 days of the date of cancellation.

12- The circus sponsor is not liable for any injuries sustained during the performance or damage to personal property as a result of the show.


Jeddah is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it hosts numerous events throughout the year. The events of Jeddah for the year 2022 contributed to the development of Saudi Arabia’s tourism sector, as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become one of the world’s most important tourist countries.

The Jeddah’s events for the year 2022 were a huge success, with many visitors visiting the Jeddah season 2022 to attend the events. The events and activities in Jeddah vary to suit all tastes and ages and include entertainment and adventure activities, as well as live and acrobatic performances. You can read the Visitors of Saudi Arabia blog to learn more about the city of Jeddah and important information about the start of Jeddah’s events.

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