Jeddah Pier event

Enjoy fun and excitement with the Jeddah Pier event in Jeddah Season 2022

Jeddah Season is one of the most important entertainment seasons in Saudi Arabia. The General Entertainment Authority approved it. The festival provides a variety of fun activities and events for people of all ages, the most well-known of which is the Jeddah Pier event, which creates a one-of-a-kind case of fun and enjoyment for everyone. Jeddah Pier is one of nine districts approved for the Jeddah Season 2022, which has drawn a large crowd to the wonderful coastal city of Jeddah.

Your visit to the Jeddah Pier event will add to your wonderful experience, which will be full of adventure, mystery, fun, and entertainment. As a result, in this article, we will concentrate on the Jeddah Pierre event and learn about its specifics. We’ll also go over how to get tickets for the Jeddah Pier event and the rules for attending if you want to have a good time.

Jeddah season 2022

Jeddah Pier event

The Jeddah Season 2022 activities began on May 2 and will continue until July 18, as the festival includes a broad group of recreational activities and events that contribute to highlighting the role of the Saudi city of Jeddah as the Kingdom’s entertainment and tourism capital. Sports, artistic, musical, and cultural programs are all part of the Jeddah Season. The Jeddah Pier event, which attracts a large number of visitors, is one of the most prominent events of the Jeddah Season.

Jeddah Pier 2022

Jeddah Pier is one of the areas of the Jeddah season 2022 and is considered one of the largest tourist and recreational areas in the city of Jeddah. Jeddah Pier is also the most well-known mobile amusement park on the Red Sea which has over 39 different games ranging from entertainment to excitement. In addition, there are numerous restaurants, cafes, and shops.

The Jeddah Pier event begins on May 17th and ends on June 30th. As a result, dear reader, if you are looking for fun, adventure, and an energetic atmosphere, we recommend that you visit Jeddah Pier and spend the best time on the Red Sea’s shores.

Jeddah Pier Activities and Events

The Jeddah Pier area, like other areas of the Jeddah season 2022, features numerous events and recreational activities that immerse visitors in an atmosphere of adventure, fun, and a live experience of numerous events. Let us now become acquainted with the most important events in Jeddah Pier:

  • Have fun riding amusement parks and playing various exciting games. When riding one of the elevated games in the Jeddah Pier area, you will feel as if you are flying through the sky. Also, keep in mind that entering the Jeddah Pier area costs 50 riyals per person. Jeddah Pier is available for visits from six o’clock in the evening until one o’clock in the afternoon, seven days a week. On weekends, Jeddah Pierre is open from six o’clock in the evening until three o’clock in the morning.
  • The Little Village Kids event is a social family event featuring a number of international brands. The Little Village event offers entertainment, creative, and cultural shows for children aged two to thirteen. Children can enjoy live performances and experiences. The event begins on May 17 and ends on June 28, lasting 45 days from 6 p.m. to 12 p.m. The Little Village event ticket costs 100 riyals per person.
  • Horror Zone: Abandoned Island event for adventure and mystery fans. The event’s goal is to find a lost treasure on a deserted island shrouded in fog. Fans of adventure and mystery will enjoy the Abandoned Island event, which is being held in Jeddah for the first time. The event runs from May 17th to June 30th, from 6 pm to 12 pm. The entry fee for the Abandoned Island event is 100 Saudi riyals.

Jeddah Pier event’s Zones

Jeddah Pier event

Jeddah Pier event is distinguished by its distinguished waterfront location in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as its distinctive activity that works to renew positive energy, vitality, and activity for people of all ages.

Jeddah Pier is the largest mobile amusement park on the Red Sea, with a wide variety of exciting games that number up to 39 games or more, in addition to a distinguished group of restaurants that serve delicious meals and wonderful cafes where visitors can sit and enjoy delicious drinks. Jeddah Pier includes two areas:

Adrenaline zone

You have a fantastic opportunity to spend a fantastic day of adventure and excitement in the Adrenaline area of Jeddah Pier by trying the new energizer or rollercoaster to enjoy a unique experience in an adventure atmosphere. You can also enjoy a variety of fun rides, such as Artist, Parlor Tower, Odubble Loop Coaster, and Upside Down Tunnel.

In addition to the Throwback area, which highlights historical details and wonderful memories for all generations, enjoy the shopping experience in the Adrenaline area, which includes many stores such as the gift shop, the children’s and party toys store, the seafood store, the cosmetics store, and the various perfume stores.

colorful garden Zone

The colorful garden area in the Jeddah Pier event is distinguished by its charming atmosphere, which provides visitors with a unique experience full of enthusiasm and adventure, as it includes a large play area with a wonderful selection of the most beautiful children’s games, as well as famous characters such as Bibby, Lol Surprise. In addition to private areas that provide visitors, young and old, with comfort and relaxation. One of the most important options in the colorful garden area is the trampoline. If you’re looking for an exciting experience, the bungee trampoline experience is not to be missed.

How to Purchase Tickets for Jeddah Pier, Jeddah Season 2022

If you want to enjoy the distinguished events of the Jeddah Pier event that are suitable for adults and children during the 2022 Jeddah Season, follow the steps below to book Jeddah Pier Festival tickets online:

  • Accessing the Jeddah Season 2022 official website
  • Selecting the Jeddah Pier event via the link
  • Click on the “Book Now” icon
  • Select the event’s timing from the list, and then select the date from the table that appears in front of you
  • Click on the “Book Ticket Now” icon
  • Click on Continue to complete the reservation in a few minutes
  • Log in with your email address and password
  • Determine the number of tickets to be booked
  • Choose an electronic payment method that works for you, such as a Visa card, a mobile balance, or an ATM card
  • Finalizing the process of booking tickets for the Jeddah Pier event from Jeddah Season 2022

Jeddah Pier Ticket Reservation Link

If you want to participate in the events and activities of the Jeddah Pier event 2022, you must book tickets that allow you to enter the festival and enjoy all of its various programs and paragraphs. All you have to do is enter the event link, specify the number of Tickets and the date:

Conditions for attending the Jeddah Pier event

There are a number of requirements that must be met before visitors can attend the Jeddah Pier event. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Entertainment Authority, in collaboration with the organizing committee of the Jeddah Season, has established special conditions for participation in the events, the most important of which are as follows:

  • Attending at the specified time allocated for the Jeddah Pier event
  • Visitors registered to attend the series of events are immune to the Tawaklna application
  • No cameras are allowed to enter
  • No dangerous materials that threaten public safety
  • The organizer does not bear the loss of personal items because it is the responsibility of the visitors
  • Approval of the Organizing Committee’s instructions for the events
  • Changing the reserved ticket within the activities of the current Jeddah season only
  • The reserved ticket price cannot be refunded unless the event is canceled for emergency reasons

Prices for Jeddah Pier tickets

Jeddah Pier event

The organizer of the Jeddah Pier event announced the prices of tickets for attending the fun events in Jeddah Pier of the Jeddah season in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and online registration is successful, as Jeddah Pier prices start from 50 Saudi riyals and reach 100 Saudi riyals inclusive of value-added tax, and entry is free for children under 3 years old.

 Jeddah concert tickets 2022

The Jeddah season 2022 includes a variety of wonderful events that parents and visitors from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are looking forward to, and these events include concerts, theatrical performances, entertainment games, fireworks, and other fun entertainment, with the majority of the events taking place in the Jeddah entertainment area, which is located on the sea. Here is a list of Jeddah season 2022 concert tickets:

  • Concert Tickets for Jeddah Pierre
  • Tickets to a family play
  • Tickets for Anime Village Jeddah 2022
  • Tickets to Prince Majid Park
  • Tickets to the Jeddah Superdome
  • Tickets for City Walk Jeddah 2022

The prices of tickets for the concerts and events of the 2022 Jeddah season can be found on the Jeddah season’s official website. More information about the events can also be obtained from the website.

The tourist and expatriate highlights of the Jeddah season 2022

 Given that Jeddah Entertainment District is the independent capital of entertainment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Jeddah season 2022 includes a series of wonderful entertainment events that are eagerly anticipated by tourists and expatriates from all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. You can get important information about the start of the Jeddah Season events. The following events will be discussed in detail during the  Jeddah Season 2022:

  • 4 international exhibitions
  • 9 distinct recreational areas
  • 5 fantastic marine activities and programs
  • 60 enjoyable games
  • 70 enjoyable interactive experiences
  • 20 concerts by world-renowned artists
  • 140 restaurants and cafes for rest and relaxation
  • The most beautiful paragraphs in the world’s circus
  • There are seven Arab plays and two international plays.


Jeddah, also known as the Bride of the Red Sea, is one of the most famous tourist cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with many recreational and tourist attractions. There are also numerous festivals, parties, and events, the most notable of which is the Jeddah Season 2022. The Jeddah Pier event is one of the nine Jeddah Season regions and one of the events of the  Jeddah Season 2022. In previous articles, we discussed the opening of the Yacht Club event in the 2022 Jeddah season, as well as the opening of City Walk, the season’s largest area. We also discussed Prince Majid Water Park’s participation in a separate article.

The focus of this article was on Jeddah Pier as one of the areas of the 2022 Jeddah season, and the most important events in the Jeddah Pier, as well as the areas of the Jeddah Pier event, were mentioned. We also talked about how to get tickets for the Jeddah Pier event. Take advantage of the opportunity and attend Jeddah Pierre’s event before it ends.


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