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14  of the most modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia

The tourism industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has grown significantly. The Supreme Commission for Tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Entertainment, have all made significant efforts to develop the Kingdom’s tourist areas.

In addition to the tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia mentioned earlier, There are many modern landmarks in Saudi  Arabia and cultural landmarks, such as towers, skyscrapers, cultural festivals, and entertainment events.

The modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia have made the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a tourist destination that every traveler should add to their itinerary. There are tourist areas in Saudi Arabia that are notable for their beautiful landscapes, great terrain, and pleasant climate, and they attract many visitors each year.

Dear reader, in this article, we will shed light on the features of modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia, which encouraged domestic and foreign Saudi tourism.

The most modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia

There are many modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia that you can visit and enjoy such as:

1- Al-Faisaliah Tower

modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia

Al-Faisaliah Tower is one of the modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia. It is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia’s capital. It was constructed in the year 2000 AD. With a height of 267 meters above ground level, Al-Faisaliah Tower is also considered one of Saudi Arabia’s second tallest buildings.

The exterior shape of Al-Faisaliah Tower distinguishes it as one of the most modern landmarks in Saudi Arabian. It is also regarded as one of Saudi Arabia’s luxury hotels. The tower has 30 floors and shops for the most well-known brands. There are also a number of restaurants and a banquet hall.

2- Al Mamlaka tower

With a height of 300 meters, the Kingdom Tower is one of Riyadh’s tallest buildings. The Kingdom Tower was built in 2002 and is one of the most modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia, as well as one of the country’s tourist attractions.

The Kingdom Tower is located in the heart of Riyadh and is distinguished by its magnificent view, from which you can see the beauty of the city from the top of the tower. The 99-story Kingdom Tower houses commercial centers, restaurants, residential apartments, offices, and the Four Seasons Hotel. The King Abdullah Mosque, located on the 77th floor of the Kingdom Tower, is the world’s second highest mosque.

3- The Floating Mosque

modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia

The Floating Mosque in Jeddah is one of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s cultural landmarks. The floating mosque, known as the Al-Rahma Mosque, was built in 1985 AD. It is situated on the Red Sea coast and is surrounded by water on all sides. That’s why it’s known as the Floating Mosque. It is regarded as one of the most important tourist attractions in the Kingdom. The majority of visitors to the mosque are pilgrims and pilgrims, with 20,000 people visiting the mosque.

Although the mosque is a modern landmark, it bears the heritage and ancient Islamic art. It is also embroidered from the inside and outside with Quranic verses. The mosque is designed in the old Islamic style and several Arabic scripts were used. The mosque is distinguished by the geometric designs of the old Islamic character.

The mosque has a wonderful and distinctive view that made it one of the most important tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia and made it a tourist destination for many tourists and visitors. As when praying in this mosque, the person feels comfortable and calm and enjoys the wonderful views around the mosque, so the mosque is considered one of the landmarks of modern Saudi Arabia.

4- King Fahd’s Fountain

King Fahd’s Fountain, also known as the Jeddah Fountain, is located on the western shore of the Red Sea in the city of Jeddah. The Jeddah Fountain is one of the most prominent modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia. The fountain’s base is shaped like a large incense burner, and it symbolizes Arab originality and Saudi civilization.

The Jeddah Fountain was inscribed in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest fountain in the world, pumping seawater to a height of 312 meters.

The wonderful view of the fountain’s scattered water made it one of the most important features of modern Saudi Arabia and one of the tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia that must be visited and enjoyed.

5- Fakih Aquarium

modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia

Fakih Aquarium, one of the most important modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia, is located in Jeddah. Fakih Aquarium is a marine park that first opened its doors in 2013. There are many different types of marine animals, including sharks, sea lions, sea fish, and others.

There is a dolphin showroom at Fakih Aquarium. Where there are dolphins in a large swimming pool and the dolphins perform acrobatic moves for the audience to enjoy. There is also an ice skating rink and a variety of other fun activities.

Fakih Aquarium promotes environmental awareness through education and entertainment by collecting most types of marine animals found in the Red Sea in order to educate children, raise awareness, and learn more about the Red Sea’s climate and environment.

6- Sharm Obhur

Sharm Obhur, also known as Obhur Bay, is a landmark in Jeddah and is one of the most important modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia. Sharm Obhur is a beach in Jeddah that stretches for 11 kilometers. If you are looking for tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia, you should go to Sharm Obhur. As Obhur Bay flows into it, some of the surrounding valleys, such as Owaimer Valley, add aesthetic touches to the Gulf and make it a fantastic tourist destination.

Sharm Obhur is one of Saudi Arabia’s tourist attractions, as it was mentioned in the books of many Arab and Western travelers who visited Jeddah. Carsten Niebuhr is a traveler who discovered the beauty of Obhur Bay while visiting the city of Jeddah.

7- Farasan Islands

The Farasan Islands is a Saudi Arabian landmark located in the city of Jazan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s southwest. The Farasan Islands are among the cultural and modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia that were influenced by Arabian Peninsula civilizations.

The Farasan Islands’ beauty is found in the reefs of limestone bodies of water. There are also islands that form an archipelago on the Red Sea’s rim. Farasan Island contains a total of 90 islands. The beautiful view of the islands made it a popular tourist destination and one of the most prominent modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia.

There are numerous monuments and tourist attractions in the Farasan Islands that must be seen and enjoyed. The Luqman Castle, the Najdi Mosque, the Jarmal House, the Ottoman Castle, and other important heritage sites in Saudi Arabia can be found on the Farasan Islands.

8- Habla Park

Al Habla Park is one of the most amazing modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia in the Asir region. Al Habla Park is named after the nearby village of Al Habla. Due to the difficult terrain of the village, the village owners moved around using ropes.

With the passage of time, this village became a tourist destination, as the residents relocated to a flat area known as the King Faisal Charitable Village. The Heritage Authority and the Ministry of Tourism took care of the old village, transforming it into a tourist and recreational destination, and established numerous tourism projects in the village.

The village of Al-Habla has become a landmark in my country, Saudi Arabia, with many tourists visiting to enjoy the beautiful scenery and travel by cable car.

9- Jabal Al-Louz

Jabal Al-Lawz is located northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, near the city of Tabuk, on the Jordanian border. Jabal Al-Louz is one of Saudi Arabia’s highest mountain ranges. On top of the mountain, there is also an old stone building. It was called Jabal Al-Lawz, and it was where the almond tree used to be.

Because of its unique geographical location, Jabal Al-Lawz is a popular tourist destination in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the view of snowfall during the winter season made Jabal Al-Lawz a wonderful painting that every Saudi visitor or resident would listen to. The ancient Islamic inscriptions and rock drawings on Jabal Al-Lawz are well-known.

10- Dolphin Village

modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia

Dolphin Village is a modern Saudi Arabia landmark in the Dammam region. Since its inception, the village has drawn a large number of visitors because it is regarded as an integrated entertainment city. It has a variety of tourist and recreational facilities, including water games, electric games, circus shows, and water pools.

There is a museum of wild and aquatic animals, as well as many recreational and family activities and events, at Dolphin Village. Dolphin Village is a fantastic family tourist destination for domestic tourism, as many Kingdom residents visit the Dammam region on short vacations to spend quality time with their families.

11- King Abdullah Park

The King Abdullah Tourist Park is located in Riyadh. The park is a modern Saudi Arabia landmark where many tourist and recreational activities and festivals are held.

There are green spaces and wonderful family sessions in the park. The park is also known for its dancing fountain, a 110-meter-high water fountain. Where the fountain changes water directions with lights, similar to Dubai’s dancing fountain.

King Abdullah Park is a tourist attraction in Saudi Arabia and one of the Kingdom’s tourist areas. The Saudi Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Entertainment continue to be interested in parks and gardens in order to attract the greatest number of tourists and visitors to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

12- Teleferic al Hada

modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia

Taif is one of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s resort cities. The Al-Hada cable car, which is located at the top of the high mountains in Taif, is Saudi Arabia’s most prominent tourist attraction. If you ride the Al-Hada cable car, you will be able to see Taif from the highest point, which is surrounded by beautiful green spaces.

If you want to visit green areas in Saudi Arabia, we recommend that you go to Taif and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature. In addition to the Al-Hada cable car, Taif has tourist areas such as resorts and unique tourist chalets, making the city of Taif a wonderful tourist destination for visitors from within and outside the Kingdom.

The Al-Hada cable car, the magnificent heights, and the mild weather in Taif make it one of modern Saudi Arabia’s landmarks, attracting a large number of visitors.

13- Durrat Al-Arous village

Durrat Al-Arous is a tourist village located in the city of Jeddah on the Red Sea coast and is one of the nicest modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia. Durrat Al-Arous was constructed in Jeddah in 1996.

Durrat Al-Arous is a tourist city with a variety of tourist attractions. There are numerous tourist facilities in the village, including hotels, resorts, sports clubs, restaurants, and commercial centers. Water sports such as water skiing and kitesurfing can also be enjoyed within the village.

The beautiful view of Durrat Al-Arous village has made it one of the best tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia, attracting many tourists and visitors. In terms of domestic tourism, many people travel from various cities throughout the Kingdom to the village of Durrat Al-Arous to have a wonderful time, particularly during short vacations.

14- Future Land

The development of tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia, as well as the promotion of modern Saudi landmarks, are the goals of Vision 2030. Many tourism projects in Saudi Arabia have been established to develop the tourism sector, which is one of the reasons for the interest in tourism to increase economic income.

Future Land is one of the tourism projects that will be implemented in Saudi Arabia in order to become a modern Saudi Arabia landmark. It is worth noting that Future Land is a massive project that aims to build NEOM City, a tourist city in Saudi Arabia.

Many people inquire (Where is NEOM located in Saudi Arabia). NEOM is in the Tabuk region of northern Saudi Arabia. The project aims to make NEOM one of the cities with the most natural wonders and tourism potential, as well as a fantastic destination for adventure seekers.


Dear reader, we have discussed some of the of modern landmarks in Saudi Arabia in this article, and there is no doubt that the landmarks of Saudi Arabia are numerous and cannot be covered in a single article. However, the most notable tourist attractions in the Kingdom that can be visited were highlighted.

There are tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia suitable for everyone who wishes to visit the country, whether to perform the Hajj and Umrah rituals, enjoy nature, or learn about Islamic civilization’s history.

You can read our article in the Saudi Visitors blog to learn more about my country’s landmarks and the most important landmarks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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