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Discover the most beautiful tourist attractions in Abha 2022

Abha is one of the tourist cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and visitors enjoy visiting and enjoying the city’s various tourist attractions. Because of its beauty and charming nature, Abha is known as the Bride of the Mountain, the Gorgeous Virgin, and the Lady of the Fog. It is worth noting that it is the administrative headquarters and capital of the Asir region and that it is centered on the Hijaz Mountains in the Kingdom’s southwest.

Abha is also regarded as one of Saudi Arabia’s top eco-tourism destinations. Where there are tourist places in Abha with scenic landscapes and wonderful views, which is one of Saudi Arabia’s tourist attractions. As a result, in this article, we will highlight the most beautiful tourist places in Abha, as well as the new Abha parks, sweet places in Abha, and tourist places in Abha for families. So stick around and read the rest of this article with us.

The best places to visit in Abha

tourist attractions in Abha

It is worth noting the recovery of tourism in Abha due to the abundance of vegetation cover and its wonderful geographical location, and do not forget the moderation of the climate, because it rises from the sea level by two thousand and two hundred meters, and it is not limited to the picturesque nature and wonderful views that are considered elements of tourism in Abha.

Rather, it is concerned with historical and heritage monuments, as well as popular markets where people can purchase souvenirs and folk costumes. There are many heritage sites in Abha that should be visited and enjoyed. In the following sections, we will discuss some of the tourist attractions, they are:

Al-Muftaha Village

It is a cultural and tourist village that was once a residential neighborhood with a group of traditional buildings adjacent to each other, but as time passed, the residents abandoned it and the buildings collapsed, and as a result, a modern village based on the style of the old village was built.

A variety of events are taking place in the Muftaha Village and the King Fahd Cultural Center. These events focus on traditional and plastic arts and don’t forget that the village has a theater for artists and a lounge for individuals, as well as a children’s theater and art galleries, as well as a number of markets and stores selling a variety of products. as well as crafts. As a result, the village of Al-Muftaha is one tourist attractions in Abha.

Shamsan’s Ottoman Castel

The Ottoman Castel of Shamsan is a popular tourist attractions in Abha. Shamsan Castle is one of Abha’s most important and oldest historical monuments, and it is still standing today. This castle has historical significance because it was used as a military barracks throughout the Kingdom’s history, as well as religious significance because the cannon of the holy month of Ramadan is fired from it.

This castle is a rectangular structure with the main entrance and three towers, and it is located on the western side of the city of Abha. Some key doors are closed at this time.

 Abha’s Hanging Village

The hanging village, also known as Al-Habla village, is one of the tourist attractions in Abha and one of the archaeological heritage villages. It was given this name because the only mode of transportation was via ropes. The Hanging Village is 50 kilometers from the city of Abha. It is also considered one of the most prominent historical monuments and heritage places in the city of Abha.

The name “hanging village” refers to the village’s location beneath a rocky cliff, with its slope approximately 300 meters from the edge of the high-rise Sarawat Mountains, where it is two thousand meters above sea level, and thus the village takes a specific shape as if it is actually suspended.

The beauty of the houses with antique wooden doors, as well as the numerous cafes and restaurants along the village road, are what make the village famous. As a result, it is one of the tourist attractions in Abha.

Here are some beautiful places in Abha

Do you want to have a good time while you’re in Abha? Do you want to see the tourist attractions in Abha? Here are some places to visit that will undoubtedly catch your attention:

     Shada Palace

Shada Palace is also known as the white palace. It is on the list of the most important historical monuments in Abha. It served as the emirate’s seat in the Asir region. It is now a folklore museum. King Abdul Aziz ordered the construction of this palace in the year 1 927 AD. Where the palace refers to the city of Abha’s heritage.

This palace is known for its luxurious architecture, which is somewhat similar to the living structures in the region. This palace has four floors and a museum within it that houses a large collection of coins, manuscripts, and household items.

And don’t forget to look at some old photos of Abha, and the palace was decorated from the outside with the addition of a group of beautiful decorative ornaments.

     Abha Dam Lake

The lake dam, which was built on the city’s western outskirts and opened in the year 1 974 AD, is located on the city’s western outskirts. This dam is significant because of its traditional role of blocking torrential water and rain and serving as a dam to store this water, as well as being a tourist attraction and contributing to the Kingdom’s economy.

Abha Dam Lake is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Abha, with a large number of gardens with various trees and plants, as well as family sessions overlooking the lake and recreational tourist facilities such as amusement parks, restaurants, and hotels.

The visitor can rent a boat to walk in the lake’s waters and walk on the dam to enjoy the scenic views.

The best tourist attractions in Abha

Abha has a large number of natural tourist spots that help tourists and visitors relax and unwind. Here are the top tourist attractions in Abha:

      Al-Soudah Mountain

The city of Abha is considered one of the mountainous cities because it has many mountain ranges throughout, and one of the most famous mountains in the city is Jabal Al-Soudah, which is the highest peak in the Kingdom, reaching a height of three thousand three hundred kilometers.

Also, it has stunning landscapes and allows visitors to see the entire city. It is worth noting that the paragliding competition is held every year in the summer as part of the annual Asir Festival.

     Green Mountain

It is a large green diamond that lights up the night sky of Abha, and the mountain has a conical shape in the middle of the city, but why is this mountain known as the Green Mountain? This mountain is covered in trees and plants that are planted in the form of terraces that are lit at night and thus emit green light. As a result, Al Jabal Al Akhdar is regarded as one of the tourist attractions in Abha, as it attracts visitors from both within and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Tourism Authority has provided all of the facilities that visitors require, such as hotels and restaurants, and the cable car station can be used to view the city from the top and enjoy the scenery. In addition to the spectacular view of the mountain, which allows you to see the city of Abha through it.

Abha parks and tourist attractions for families

tourist attractions in Abha

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the destinations for families to enjoy their summer vacation or weekend, and Abha is included in the list of cities visited by families because it includes many tourist attractions in Abha and places of entertainment that include a variety of Abha activities.

In addition, there are historical and archaeological monuments in Abha, as well as Abha gardens, which attract families and children for recreation and a sense of comfort. We will mention some family-friendly tourist attractions and Abha parks, which are as follows:

Asir National Park

Asir National Park is one of the largest and most popular parks in Abha. The presence of large green areas with a variety of trees and plants distinguishes the park. Aside from the presence of numerous rare animals such as baboons. High volcanic mountains covered in fog can be found in the Asir National Park. The park hosts many festivals and events, making it one of the best places in Abha for families.

Al Salam park

This park is one of Abha’s largest, with family sessions and electric amusement parks for children, as well as thrill and excitement games for adults such as Sinbad’s ship and the death train, as well as large green spaces and a wonderful lake with large and small water games to enjoy the water, as well as First-class restaurants.

Al-Sahab Park

During the summer, you can enjoy a tourist program in Abha by visiting Al-Sahab Park. Despite the high temperatures, Al-Sahab Park has a wonderful climatic atmosphere due to its location on the top of a tall mountain, where temperatures drop slightly.  In Al-Sahab Park, you can also enjoy seeing the clouds and fog.

Al-Sahab Park is one of the most beautiful parks and tourist destinations in Abha, with numerous recreational and tourist facilities. There are also seating areas and games for children. There are also recreational activities such as sports, walking, and others.

King Abdulaziz Park in Al-Soudah

This park is located to the north of Jabal Al-Soudah, which is 3000 meters above sea level. The park is regarded as one of the most beautiful summer resorts in Abha city, where you can enjoy the distinctive climatic atmosphere, as well as the availability of all facilities, tourist services, exciting games, cafes, and restaurants, and thus it is one of the places of entertainment in Abha and one of the most beautiful tourist places in Abha.

King Abdul Aziz Park is regarded as one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Abha, where visitors can enjoy the picturesque nature and find juniper trees, winter shrubs, and a variety of other plants. King Abdulaziz Park is one of the most beautiful green areas in Saudi Arabia.


At the end of this article, we discussed the city of Abha and its beauty, as well as the most beautiful tourist attractions in Abha. Because of its charming nature, parks, popular markets, and other tourist attractions, Abha is considered one of the tourist cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The city of Abha is one of the most beautiful resorts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is regarded as one of the most appealing tourist destinations in the Kingdom. As a result, dear reader, do not hesitate to visit Abha and its tourist attractions.

Dear reader, if you want to tourism to Abha, you can prepare a tourist program in Abha after reading this article to enjoy the charming landscapes and spend the most beautiful times in the city of Abha. Also, you can read the articles on our blog to learn more about Saudi Arabia.



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