Top Eco-Tourism Destination in Saudi Arabia 2022

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranked high among the rankings of the best tourist countries in the world, owing to its wonderful tourism components, particularly eco-tourism in Saudi Arabia, which has experienced great success in recent years. Farms and deserts.

Despite being a desert country, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has many beautiful landscapes that have encouraged eco-tourism in Saudi Arabia. Discover Saudi Arabia’s most beautiful green areas, which are regarded as one of the country’s most important tourist attractions.

This article will discuss eco-tourism in Saudi Arabia and the most important eco-tourism destinations in Saudi Arabia. Ecotourism benefits the local economy while causing no harm to the natural environment. We will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of eco-tourism in Saudi Arabia. besides the most important ecotourism activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the General Authority for Tourism’s ecotourism strategy in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia’s ecotourism destinations



The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is eager to improve all types of tourism, particularly eco-tourism, and is making significant efforts to develop eco-tourism destinations throughout the Kingdom that highlight the beauty of picturesque nature and the vast deserts with charming sand. Learn about the best eco-tourism destinations in Saudi Arabia by joining us at one of the following locations:

 1- The island of Jabal Hassan

Jabal Hassan Island has a total area of 24 km2. It is the most populous of the Umluj Islands. The island has a number of picturesque sandy beaches and clear waters from which amazing colorful fish emerge, as well as farms with beautiful crops irrigated with rainwater, coral reefs, rare fish, and a diverse group of aquatic life.

  2- Shaybah Wildlife Refuge

The reserve is located south of the Al-Batha border crossing, between Wadi Al-Rama and Wadi Al-Sahba. The Shaybah oil field is located in Saudi Arabia’s Empty Quarter, southeast of the country. With an area of 637 square kilometers, it is one of the world’s largest nature reserves.

 3- Riyadh green

The Kingdom’s 2030 vision aims to develop green spaces in Riyadh and increase the per capita share of green spaces to 2.8 percent, which will help improve the proportion of clean air and reduce vehicle and factory exhaust damage. The most distinguishing feature of this project is the recycling of water used to irrigate the green spaces, which maintains individual health and reduces waste spread.

 4- Red Sea Project

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia overlooks the Red Sea, and a project to develop the islands overlooking the Kingdom’s western coast and the shores of the Tabuk region, which number up to 90 islands, has been established. This project aims to reduce the use of harmful carbon, generate renewable energy sources, reduce the use of harmful plastic, and create the largest reserve on the Red Sea’s shore.

 5- Sharm Obhur

Sharm Obhur, located north of Jeddah, is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and one of the most important eco-tourism attractions in the country. The gulf is 11 kilometers long and 500-250 meters wide, and it serves as a wonderful estuary for many valleys, including Wadi Umm The Two Ropes, and Wadi Al-Awaimer.

 6- Mountains of FIFA

The Faifa Mountains are a beautiful and charming natural environmental destination that captures people’s hearts and souls. It is an ideal location for those who enjoy climbing mountains and natural rocks made of granite, basalt, and quartz, as well as those who enjoy heights of up to 3500 meters above sea level. Faifa follows the Jazan region to the east of Sabya Governorate, which is known for its hanging gardens. It provides a one-of-a-kind and beautiful view.

 7- The world’s edge

The Edge of the World, a high-rise mountain overlooking a deep valley, is one of Saudi Arabia’s tourist attractions. When the valley’s waters dried up, it dated back hundreds of years. Natural factors created coral reefs, sculptures, and inscriptions in the valley. With its beautiful landscapes, The Edge of the World is considered one of Saudi Arabia’s eco-tourism destinations, and it is a great destination for those who enjoy adventure and nature.

 8- The Al-Waaba crater

The Al-Wahba crater is located 254 kilometers from Taif. They are volcanic craters on the earth’s surface where rainwater collects, giving them a white color and a gathering of rainwater salinity. The Al-Waaba crater is the Middle East’s largest volcanic crater.

The crater formed as a result of a volcanic eruption or a meteorite impact. That is, it arose as a result of natural factors, making it one of Saudi Arabia’s landmarks for eco-tourism. There are trees, plants, and water springs near the crater that can be enjoyed with natural scenery.

 9- Shifa Center

Shifa Center is located in the western Saudi city of Taif. Because of its beautiful surroundings, Al-Shifa Center is regarded as one of the most important resorts in Taif, as well as a tourist attraction. Al Shafa Center is well-known for its high mountains that slope sharply to surround the city of Taif. Mount Dhaka, which is 28 meters from Taif, is one of the most famous mountains in the center of Al-Shifa.

Al-Shifa Center is one of the most well-known eco-tourism destinations in Saudi Arabia, attracting visitors and tourists from both within and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is also well-known for the presence of numerous plants in addition to the wonderful climate.

 10- Al Jabal Al Akhdar

Al Jabal Al Akhdar is located in the city of Abha in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s south. The Green Mountain overlooks the Tihama plains and valleys, and the city of Taif can be seen from the summit. Because of its unique view and beautiful landscapes, Al Jabal Al Akhdar is one of the most well-known eco-tourism destinations in Saudi Arabia.

Due to the presence of numerous facilities and tourism activities, Al Jabal Al Akhdar is regarded as a distinct tourist destination and one of the tourist attractions. It attracts a large number of tourists. Because of the green lights that surround it, it is also known as the Green Mountain.

Saudi Arabia’s Ecotourism Advantages



The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is unique in its natural heritage, which includes many landscapes, wildlife, desert, and coastal areas, making it an ideal ecotourism destination. The following are the most significant advantages of ecotourism in the Kingdom:

  • Learn important biological information in the biology, ecosystem, and geology of a specific area for both ecologists and tourists
  • Provide a mechanism that contributes to the maintenance and protection of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s most important major sites
  • Creating a sustainable tourism industry in Saudi Arabia
  • Encouraging local communities to participate in the development of the natural environment
  • Working to meet the demand for eco-tourism in natural areas on a local and global scale.
  • Growing the local economy by providing job opportunities for citizens as a result of increased tourism to enjoy the diversity of environmental sites.
  • Managing natural resources more efficiently than ever before by developing new methods of extracting resources in a more efficient manner
  • Raising environmental awareness about the importance of caring for the environment and protecting nature from wrong behaviors and harmful substances

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s most important eco-tourism activities

Many tourists are drawn to various activities and sports in any country, so it was necessary to pay attention to the nature of recreational activities that suit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and help it achieve its Vision 2030 goals. The Kingdom is distinguished by its charming nature, which has contributed to the provision of some enjoyable activities:

  • Nature photography trips where tourists can photograph nature in the Kingdom’s vast deserts, reserves, and forests.
  • Camping and environmental trips for those who enjoy adventure, excitement, and trying new and different things from the norm.
  • Climbing the mountains to witness the beauty of the Saudi mountains, the Saudi government has made more efforts to provide means of safety and comfort to enjoy sports as they should be.
  • Diving is one of the best activities available, as the Kingdom’s natural tourism destinations offer safe diving.
  • Wildlife observation trips featuring unique wild animals and plants, for which the Kingdom has provided complete protection means for tourists to observe and monitor wildlife.
  • Walking increases blood circulation strengthens muscles, and enjoys a beautiful setting in nature. The Saudi government permits tourists to walk at any time.
  • Safari and excursions for thrill-seekers, so tourists can have an unforgettable experience with the best Saudi eco-tourism destinations.
  • Desert races to create a wonderful atmosphere of competition and to ignite enthusiasm amid the charming yellow sand.
  • Trekking inside the forests, diving deep into the forests, watching different types of living creatures and plants, and exploring the natural life in them.

The Benefits of Ecotourism in Saudi Arabia

Are you considering breaking up your routine and embarking on an exciting and pleasurable experience in the midst of nature? The ecotourism destinations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are the way to realize this long-held dream. In addition to the beauty of Saudi Arabia’s ecological nature, ecotourism in the Kingdom has several advantages, the most important of which are:

  • Ecotourism is a beautiful experience that allows tourists to spend an unforgettable time in nature.
  • Ecotourism provides tourists with more information about natural places, so they learn about the environment and ways to deal with it and preserve it from the causes of pollution.
  • The ability to participate in a wide range of eco-tourism activities in Saudi Arabia at the lowest possible cost. Tourists can enjoy nature at a low cost.
  • Ecotourism offers a beautiful climate as well as a close cultural connection between locals and tourists through the use of locally grown food and manufactured goods.
  • Environmental tourism in Saudi Arabia helps to improve the local economy by attracting many tourists to the Kingdom.
  • Ecotourism contributes to environmental awareness by providing information on environmental preservation.

Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Tourism’s ecotourism strategy

To ensure the development of sustainable national tourism, the authority has implemented a specific ecotourism strategy. This strategy entails the following steps:

  1. Complete support for eco-tourism plans.
  2. defining the specific role of protected areas in tourism and their impact on tourism development.
  3. researching the current effects of tourism on the natural environment in the Kingdom.
  4. shining a light on nature-based tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  5. The expected environmental impacts of Saudi tourism.
  6. Preserving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s natural tourism resources.
  7. Creating training programs that contribute to increasing tour guide awareness in the field of ecotourism.
  8. Establishing rules, regulations, and laws to protect environmental tourism in Saudi Arabia.
  9. Maintaining safety, security, and environmental protection.
  10. Establishing numerous recreational and tourist facilities in Saudi Arabia’s natural areas.
  11. Focusing on the infrastructure of natural areas in order to promote ecotourism in Saudi Arabia
  12. Reducing pollution and damage caused by natural erosive forces
  1. Preserving environmental features caused by natural erosion and climatic factors, such as the edge of the world, where there is a valley whose water dried up hundreds of years ago and became one of Saudi Arabia’s most popular tourist attractions.


In this article, we discussed the best places in Saudi Arabia that are eco-tourism destinations. Ecotourism in Saudi Arabia is one of the most important tourist attractions and one of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s tourism components. Saudi Arabia also has natural elements and many environmental areas with beautiful landscapes.

To encourage Saudi eco-tourism, the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage has contributed to the development of environmental places in Saudi Arabia. It has devised strategies for environmental preservation and the development of ecotourism in Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has also established a number of eco-tourism activities.

In addition to the presence of eco-tourism places in Saudi Arabia, eco-tourism in Saudi Arabia has many advantages and benefits that were mentioned in this article. If you are interested in Saudi tourism, please see our article on the Visitors of Saudi Arabia blog for more information about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Aside from identifying the most well-known tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia.


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