Riyadh Season 2021| All You Need to Know About Riyadh Season Activities

In recent years, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has seen remarkable growth, particularly in the tourism and entertainment sectors. The Saudi government has also made significant efforts to make the Kingdom a tourist destination. The government has taken care of the Kingdom’s cities, establishing numerous development, commercial, and tourism projects. Riyadh is one of the cities in the Kingdom that the government has worked hard to make a wonderful tourist destination because it is the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the largest city in the Kingdom. Discover the best places in Riyadh and Riyadh tourism.us about the most important events and activities in the Riyadh season of 2021.

To attract tourists to the Kingdom, many entertainment events and festivals have been held. Riyadh events are some of the most important events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and they take place in Riyadh city. Riyadh activities aim to activate the Kingdom’s internal and external tourism, as well as to focus on entertainment in Riyadh.

This article will inform you about the Riyadh Season, the Riyadh activities that will take place during it, the Riyadh Season zones, and the interactive events and activities that will take place during it. You’ll also become acquainted with.

Information about the Riyadh Season

Riyadh Season


The Riyadh Season is one of the projects implemented by the Saudi Entertainment Authority, and its beginning was in 2019 when the number of visitors to the Riyadh season to attend Riyadh activities reached 10 million visitors. Riyadh Season is held in the city of Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is an entertainment festival.

Riyadh Season is one of the landmarks of modern Saudi Arabia and the most important tourist attraction of the Kingdom. It is also considered one of the projects of Saudi Vision 2030, which seeks to make Saudi Arabia a wonderful tourist destination.

The success of the first Riyadh season in 2019 was an impressive success, which encouraged the opening of the  Riyadh season in 2021. Several Riyadh activities were also held, and the Riyadh events were opened with a welcome to the public. Where the head of the General Authority for Entertainment, Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, said, “Welcome to the Riyadh season,” as a welcome to the audience. The Riyadh Season was held with the participation of 280 Saudi companies. The research also increased on the question “When is the Riyadh season 2021”, which was on October 20, 2021.

Riyadh Activities

Riyadh activities


The Riyadh activities held during the Riyadh season in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which numbered more than 100 daily activities, varied between performances, games, artistic and lyrical activities, and other Riyadh activities in 2021, which are:

Luna Films

Egypt’s stage

Exhibition of Saudi Falcons and Hunting

Evenings in Eden

beautiful garden


Exhibition of Real Madrid


Nights of Dra’a

The inaugural rally

Winter Wonderland Riad

Hotel Escape


Park on Foot

Harley-Davidson Retailer

Nights at Al Mahrousa

circus of horrors

Fountain that dances

The exhibition “Wonders of the World”

The Wizards of Oz

Seasonal Zones in Riyadh

Riyadh Season Zones

Riyadh events take place throughout Riyadh city, which serves as the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, Riyadh’s activities are spread across 14 regions and places in the Riyadh city on an area of 14 million square meters, which are:

Riyadh Boulevard City

The largest area of the Riyadh season, with 200 of the city’s largest restaurants and cafes. There are also many Arab and international theaters. Along with a walkway and electronic games. Riyadh Boulevard City hosts a variety of Riyadh events. Boulevard City has nine imaginary areas for entertainment and suspense, including a snow city and winter games for people of all ages.

Riyadh Boulevard City’s areas and events


Zodiac, 3 Fils, Fat Sals,  Qasbah, Jinji, O By Michel Fadel, Shadows, Dukhnaah Garden, Paradox, Samad Iraqi Cuisine, Al Nakheel,  Malik Al Oud, Layali Shameiah, La Maison De Katrin, Public, Caliente , Karamna , Le Chalet


 Kaokab Al Sharq Café , Moonbow , Hilal Café , Petit Café , Siafa , Grand Café , Al Nassr , Café Beirut , Bastat ToqaLayali Almahrousa, Al Andaleeb


Kawkab Al Sharq Theater for Lyrical Show, Ahwak the musical.

Sporting events

First Golf, Skate  Park, Adventure Tower, Padel-Rush , Adventure Park, Firstaiment.


Crystal Maze, Squid Game Experience, Ramez Experience, Dinosaurs in the Wild, Chocolate Factory by Ani and Danny.

Riyadh Season


Riyadh front

Riyadh Front is located north of Riyadh and contains many of Riyadh’s activities that are overseen by the General Entertainment Authority. Riyadh’s front is distinguished by the presence of the largest local and international corporations. It also hosts the most extensive exhibitions in the Middle East. Riyadh Front is the best location for anime fans.


Al Murabbaa is one of the most well-known areas during the Riyadh season, with many Riyadh events as well as historical and modern tourist attractions. The Murabbaa area’s overall appearance reflects the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s heritage and history. In the Murabbaa neighborhood, there are also a number of old heritage restaurants. The Murabba neighborhood is notable for welcoming visitors and serving Arabic coffee, which reflects the Saudi people’s hospitality habits.

Riyadh Winter Wonderland

Riyadh Winter Wonderland is an integrated entertainment village that hosts a variety of recreational activities. It also has a variety of games for both adults and children. Aside from some recreational areas such as the snow forest, dreamland carnival, and horror adventure zones. Riyadh Winter Wonderland features 52 games spread across six fantastic entertainment areas.

Riyadh Safari

Riyadh Safari is one of the areas of the Riyadh season, which includes the city’s largest tourist park. There is a large lake, a garden, and a theater within the park. Riyadh Safari organizes a variety of Riyadh events and recreational activities. The Riyadh safari also includes a variety of animals such as elephants, tigers, lions, and deer. There are also uncommon birds, such as the Kala bird.

Nabd al-Riyadh

Nabd al-Riyadh is one of the Riyadh Season’s areas, located in the heart of Riyadh, near the traditional Masmak Palace. Nabd al-Riyadh is one of the areas where Riyadh events, such as artistic, musical, and theatrical performances, take place. There are also a lot of plastic shows, like sand painting and glitter art. Visual sense technology is used in 3D arts and performances.

You can listen to music by the artist Ash and play musical instruments in the Nabd al-Riyadh area. You can also listen to the stories told in the Nabd al-Riyadh region, which tell historical stories about Saudi Arabia’s regions. The stories also discuss the history of the Saudi state, including its establishment and unification.

Cafes and restaurants that serve fast food can be found in Nabd al-Riyadh. Safat Coffee is another option for traditional coffee with a modern twist. Traditional drinks and sweets are served here.

Al-Salam Tree

The Peace Tree is one of the Riyadh season’s regions, so named because of the presence of a large luminous artificial tree 12 meters tall called the Peace Tree. The Al-Salam Tree area in Riyadh hosts a variety of events, including visual shows and concerts. There is a large rose garden in the area that is decorated with artificial and natural flowers.

There are also many fine restaurants in the area where chefs serve various dishes prepared in front of visitors. There are also shopping areas. Enjoy the shows and activities held in the Peace Tree area, such as acrobatic shows, interactive models, face painting, and other shows suitable for both adults and children. A small theater is also available for children’s performances. The Al-Salam area is distinguished by peaceful and charming landscapes, with roses as far as the eye can see scattered in various locations and a wonderful musical atmosphere.


Khalooha is the Riyadh season’s heritage and cultural area, and it is the best place for poetry and culture lovers. Many Riyadh events take place on weekends in areas such as Al-Radiya, Al-Majlis, Poetry Gallery, Al-Marki area, and Fella Hajjaj area.

The most famous Riyadh season activities in the Khloha area are the poetic and musical evenings infused with the flavor of cardamom and the aroma of incense. Where poets from all over the kingdom recite poetry.

Qariat Zaman

Qariat Zaman is a heritage village in the Riyadh season that combines the past and the present. Riyadh in the village activities embodies the simplicity of the past and the beauty of the present through traditional sessions and authentic music. It also hosts a variety of cultural performances and sessions for people of all ages and generations.

Qariat Zaman is located in the Riyadh neighborhood of Granada. If you’re looking for peace and authenticity, as well as the opportunity to learn about the past, Qariat Zaman is the place to be.

The Groves

The Groves is one of the Riyadh season’s areas with many fine restaurants and cafes. The Groves is a place of tranquillity and luxury where you can unwind. The Groves in Riyadh includes many activities, such as Birds of Eden, Gem-in-i, and El Lechazo, which are events serving Japanese and Spanish food and enjoying a variety of tastes.

There are also fashion and art events, such as the Passion&:Fashion event, which features fashion shows, and the Milk & Butter nail spa event, which includes recreation. Landscapes, relaxing music, and entertainment are available. There are also art workshops.

Riyadh Oasis

Oasis is located in the north of Riyadh and consists of eight distinct areas of the most important Riyadh season. Many recreational and artistic events are held, with separate areas for parties and games. In Riyadh’s Oasis district, there are also luxury restaurants, cafes, markets, and camps.

The Riyadh events that take place in the Oasis of Riyadh are notable for reflecting the culture of the people of Najd. Where Saudi artists’ works are displayed in painting the Saudi heritage among the golden desert sands. As a result, if you enjoy history, you should go to Riyadh’s Oasis area and sit on the sand among the palm trees and listen to authentic music.

Oasis Riyadh features numerous brands of various products such as accessories, fashion, and others. There is also a recreation area with a variety of recreational activities.


Al-Athriyah is one of the Riyadh Season’s regions, located north of Riyadh. The virginity was given this name because of the virgin’s virginity. Al-Adhiriyah combines traditional and contemporary design elements. Where you can enjoy popular sessions in the air and on the desert sands, as well as the latest food and modern meals.

Winter is the best time to visit the Al-Adria region. On a long winter night, where can you enjoy an authentic winter atmosphere? Aspects of desert life are reflected in virginity.

Combat Field

Combat Field is one of the Riyadh Season’s areas, located northeast of Riyadh. Many of Riyadh’s kinetic and combat activities, such as shooting and weaponry, are included. Aside from recreational activities supervised by the General Entertainment Authority. The Combat Field spans more than 300 square meters. There’s also a display of old and new weapons.

Via Riyadh

Via Riyadh features a modern cinema with seven screens, making it one of the most popular areas during the Riyadh season. There is also a theater for theatrical performances, which are among Riyadh’s activities. There are numerous restaurants and cafes in Via Riyadh. There is also a large hotel, which is one of the region’s most luxurious 5-star hotels. In addition to numerous brands and shopping malls.

Riyadh Events and Season 2021

Riyadh Season

Riyadh Season has seen great success since its beginnings in 2019, leading to its extension until the number of visitors in 2021 reaches 14 million. The General Entertainment Authority’s efforts to hold many events and activities to attract visitors continue. The Riyadh Season 2021 activities began in the month of March. A large celebration was held to commemorate the success of the Riyadh season and the increase in visitor numbers.

The Night of Imagination, held in Boulevard City in 2021, was one of Riyadh’s events, displaying the largest aircraft screen in the Middle East using Drones, a drone to capture photos and video clips from above.

The largest masquerade party in the Kingdom will be held on the Boulevard Riyadh City and Riyadh Winter Wonderland during the Riyadh season of 2021. The events took place during spring break on March 17th and 18th, 2022. Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, the head of the General Authority for Entertainment, stated that anyone who comes to the events disguised will be allowed to enter the Riyadh Season, Riyadh Boulevard, Riyadh City, and Riyadh Winter Wonderland free of charge. Participants in costume will also receive gifts and prizes.

A large concert for the world-famous artist “Sean Paul” was also held as part of the Riyadh 2021 activities. A large number of people attended the field, and there was a lot of interaction between them. In addition to the numerous events scheduled for the Riyadh season 2021, which are part of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision. For more information, go to the Riyadh season’s website, where you can also book Riyadh season tickets and view the Riyadh event schedule.


We discovered the most important events in Riyadh and the Riyadh season 2021 at the end of this article. We also discussed the Riyadh season’s regions, which include numerous entertainments, movements, heritage, and singing activities.

Riyadh Season has elevated Riyadh to the list of cities worth visiting to take in the city’s events. It has also become a popular domestic and international tourist destination. The number of visitors to the Riyadh season is expected to reach 14 million by the end of 2021, representing a diverse range of nationalities and cultures. Dear reader, you can get the Riyadh season 2021 event schedule and information about Riyadh activities this week through the website

As a result, if you are looking for tourist destinations to spend your free time, we recommend that you read this article to learn about the Riyadh season regions. You can also learn about visiting the most beautiful domestic tourism destinations in Saudi Arabia in 2022 and Travel Guide for Tourism in Saudi Arabia.


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