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Do you enjoy coffee? Are you looking for the best place to drink coffee calmly in the morning or in the evening to enjoy a beautiful atmosphere? Do you want to find the best cafes in Jeddah?

In addition to the quality of coffee and other drinks, there are many cafes and cafes in Jeddah that provide a wonderful atmosphere and special sessions. In addition, most Jeddah cafes serve delectable desserts. Because Jeddah is known as the “Bride of the Red Sea” and is one of the largest cities overlooking the sea, we find that the best Jeddah cafes have a fantastic view.

In Saudi Arabia, good coffee cannot be overlooked because it is intertwined with every cultural value, particularly in the city of Jeddah. That is why we recommend that you visit the best cafes in Jeddah to enjoy the exotic flavors of fast food and a delicious cup of this drink to relieve stress.

If you are visiting Jeddah for the first time and have no idea where to go for snacks and coffee of all kinds, keep reading to learn about the best cafes in Jeddah based on visitor reviews. Read the article and prepare to take a trip between Jeddah’s cafes for a soul-rich and serene experience in this charming city.

Tourism in Jeddah

best Jeddah cafes

Before we learn about the best cafes in Jeddah and their tourist dependents, we can learn about the benefits of tourism in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, by reading the following:

Jeddah is one of the largest Saudi governorates overlooking the Red Sea, but it is second only to Riyadh, and Jeddah is considered a city affiliated with Makkah, the holy city. It can be thought of as the gateway through which pilgrims enter to perform Hajj and Umrah. As a result, Jeddah is always bustling with tourists, making it a waterfront and tourist destination, and thus attention has been paid to it in order for tourism to flourish and tourists to have a wonderful time during their stay.

Furthermore, because it overlooks the Red Sea, many tourists visit it for a fun-filled beach vacation. Jeddah has the most skyscrapers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as the most amusement parks, entertainment venues, and the largest, most significant, and best shopping centers.

This city also has a good number of archaeological museums and many well-known mosques. For all of these reasons, tourism is active in this city, owing to the abundance of tourist attractions.

Best Jeddah cafes 2022

Cafés are the perfect places to enjoy a brunch date or a casual hangout with your loved ones. Exotic cafés are ideal places to experience a large number of flavors of Arabic and Western coffee and spend a beautiful, quiet, and relaxing time. So let’s get acquainted with a list of the best cafes in Jeddah 2022, which are:

1- Thuluth Café

best cafes in Jeddah

A thuluth café offers an upscale selection of coffee and drinks, as well as delectable snacks and desserts. Thuluth Café is a peaceful setting where you can sip a coffee while listening to soft music. The service is excellent and prompt, and visitors are greeted with a smile. There is outdoor seating surrounded by trees and flowers where you can have breakfast with a cup of coffee in the early morning.

2- Alert Café

best cafes in Jeddah

Alert Café, located near the old Jeddah Corniche, is one of the best cafes in Jeddah. It is distinguished by its tranquillity and beautiful decorations. There are various types of high-quality coffee available in the cafe. The Rat Café is one of the city’s oldest cafés, specializing in various types of coffee. It also serves a variety of sweets and hot beverages.

3- Culture Café

best cafes in Jeddah

Culture Café is a lovely and elegant establishment with a stunning view of the Jeddah Fountain. Because of its glass-windowed sessions overlooking the Red Sea, it is regarded as one of the best cafes in Jeddah. It also serves a wide range of coffee, hot and cold beverages, and desserts at reasonable prices. The presence of a place reservation service and the preparation of parties and events such as graduation parties and birthdays distinguishes the café.

4- Broots Café

best cafes in Jeddah

Broots Café is one of the best cafes in Jeddah, serving coffee and chocolate-flavored sweets. This café is also distinguished by its wonderful sessions and distinctive decorations. In addition, high-quality fresh pastries can be served for breakfast. We recommend that you try the wonderful lavender coffee when you visit Brootss Café.

5- Sculpture Café

best cafes in Jeddah

Sculpture Cafe is one of the cafes that are well-suited to both individuals and families. It is one of the cafes that have a quiet and private atmosphere, but children are not permitted to visit. The cafe’s working hours are from five o’clock in the evening until four o’clock in the morning, and it is located in Jeddah’s Andalus neighborhood.

6- Overdose Café

best cafes in Jeddah

Because it is also a roaster, Sculpture Café is an excellent place to enjoy a cup of coffee. It has fantastic outdoor seating and a fantastic music atmosphere. It is ideal for breakfast in the morning because it serves fresh and delectable baked goods. This cafe is open from six o’clock in the evening until four o’clock in the morning and is located on Prince Sultan Street in Jeddah’s Salama neighborhood.

7- Cafe Layla

best cafes in Jeddah

A unique café with a modern ambiance, as the decor is in a classic style. The cafe also has wonderful and distinct Victorian paintings on its walls. There is outdoor seating decorated with green trees, which adds a lovely aesthetic touch to the space. It is one of the cafés for individuals and families that welcomes children. The café is open from twelve o’clock in the afternoon until twelve o’clock in the morning. The café is located on Mahmoud Nassif Street in Jeddah’s Al-Andalus neighborhood.

8- 95º Celsius Café

best cafes in Jeddah

CELSIUS is one of the best cafes in Jeddah for breakfast in the morning. The place is characterized by tranquility and a wonderful view, as it is located in the Al-Andalus district, which is considered one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city of Jeddah. The café is also distinguished by the quality of coffee and hot drinks. The decor of the cafe is simple and wonderful, and it has outdoor seating in large areas. It also provides a service for hosting parties and special occasions such as birthdays and others.

9- Green café

best cafes in Jeddah

Green Cafe is one of the best cafes in Jeddah, distinguished by its wonderful and unique sessions. It also has rustic decorations and outdoor seating surrounded by trees and flowers. The presence of small lakes beneath the lanes, in particular, adds to the beauty of the area. Green Cafe provides excellent and prompt service. The most beautiful aspect of Green Cafe is the tranquility and enjoyment of nature and the green spaces that surround it.

10- Hemi  Café

best cafes in Jeddah

Hemi Café is located near the seaside destination of Jeddah and is distinguished by its tranquility. It is also appropriate for business meetings. Hemi Café provides all types of high-quality coffee, not to mention that it is an integrated roaster that works on roasting, cooking, and serving coffee directly to customers. Coffee can also be purchased for consumption at home. If you are a freelancer looking for a quiet place to work, we recommend you visit Hemi Café and enjoy the peace and quiet because it is one of the best cafes in Jeddah.

11- Cafe C.hub

best cafes in Jeddah

Hub Café has a beautiful view of the Jeddah sea and is located on the coast of Jeddah. There is also indoor and outdoor seating available. The café is distinguished by the high quality of its coffee, drinks, and snacks. You can have a delicious breakfast and a delicious cup of coffee outside. In terms of coffee quality, C. Hub Café is regarded as one of the best coffee shops in Jeddah. We recommend that you try cold drinks and ice cream with a distinct flavor when you visit C. Hub Café.

12- Camel Step Café

best cafes in Jeddah

Camel Step Café, located in the Al-Nahda district, is more than just a café. It is a fully integrated coffee shop. It reflects the relaxation and refined taste of coffee lovers with its concrete walls and abstract wooden surfaces with open spaces. We have no doubt that the quality of their coffee, their delicious baked goods, and their dedicated corner selling all kinds of specialty coffees and coffee gadgets will astound you. It is one of the best cafes in Jeddah.

Entertainment places in Jeddah

Because it overlooks the Red Sea, the city of Jeddah is distinguished by the presence of numerous recreational areas and places such as beaches, markets, restaurants, and commercial centers. Among the best cafes in Jeddah located in Jeddah’s entertainment districts are:

1- The Coral Beach

Because of its cleanliness, paper, and condition, which is similar to tourist islands or large tourist resorts, but in a smaller form, this beach is one of the most important and famous beaches in Jeddah. As a result, it is one of the best places to spend a summer vacation and enjoy the seaside atmosphere. Coral Beach also has many advantages, the first of which is the abundance of palm trees on its soft sand, creating a wonderful atmosphere.

It is also a popular beach for families with a lot of children because it is very safe for them, and it has a special corner for fun water games like inflatable boats and giant twisted slides. This beach also has many restaurants serving delicious seafood as well as some of the best cafes in Jeddah. There is a service for going fishing on a boat or yacht, and souvenirs can be purchased from the shops scattered around.

2- The Sword Beach

This beach is ideal for those who enjoy peace and quiet, as it does not have a lot of people, which sets it apart from other beaches, which are crowded, especially on weekends and during the summer holidays. Although it is a secluded and quiet beach, it is one of the best beaches for families, friends, and tourists to visit because of the beautiful scenery, especially at sunset.

There are numerous lifeguards stationed along the beach, ensuring complete safety for both children and those who are unable to swim. Furthermore, it can be used for a variety of activities such as kite flying and fishing. There is also a mosque and public facility buildings, and recently, in order to provide the best services, a garage with free parking was built. Learn about the eight most beautiful tourist beaches in Jeddah that you should visit in 2022. Read about the Top 8 most beautiful Jeddah beaches to visit in 2022

3- Theme Park with a Waterfall

Al Shallal Theme Park is a large amusement park with many places that provide fun and wonderful activities for people of all ages, making it one of the best places for families to have fun or for vacations. This park features a number of artificial lakes and waterfalls, as well as horseback riding areas and large areas of green grass that can be recreated and sat on.

This park contains a two-story shopping center with bowling and ice skating rinks, as well as a number of restaurants. The park’s most distinguishing feature from other parks is that it overlooks the Red Sea, providing visitors with a charming and delightful view of the eye, and it also contains the best cafes in Jeddah.

4- Hira Street

Hira Street in Jeddah is one of the most famous and important areas, with many restaurants serving a variety of foods such as Lebanese, Asian, and local cuisine. There are also shops and cafes, as well as several well-known markets, including the Hira International Market and the North Market.


If you want to visit Jeddah and enjoy its attractions, we have provided a list of the best cafes in Jeddah in this article. Where you can go for breakfast in the early morning while enjoying the fresh air and the sound of birdsong. You can also enjoy coffee in the best cafes in Jeddah.

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