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Top 8 most beautiful Jeddah’s beaches to visit in 2022

Jeddah is one of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s most prominent, beautiful, and vital cities. Jeddah is a world-class economic city with the Kingdom’s largest seaport. Besides its unique geographical setting, which overlooks the Red Sea.

Heritage and cultural landmarks, parks, hotels, resorts, and restaurants, as well as Jeddah’s beaches, which overlook the Red Sea, are among the city’s tourist attractions. As a result, we recommend that you visit Jeddah and its various tourist attractions, as well as spend some time relaxing on the city’s beaches.

In this article, we’ll discuss the eight most beautiful tourist Jeddah’s beaches, which overlook the Red Sea and are a must-see for anybody visiting the city. We will also discuss the costs of tickets to visit Jeddah’s beaches.

Jeddah’s most well-known and beautiful beaches

1- Al Murjan Beach

Jeddah's beaches

Al Murjan beach is one of Jeddah’s beaches. It is close to King Abdulaziz International Airport. It is also close to the Red Sea Mall and the Mall of Arabia. Al-Murjan Beach, which overlooks the Red Sea and is rated 4 stars, is one of Jeddah’s most famous and expensive resorts and beaches. It hosts a variety of activities, events, festivals, and concerts, as well as water games and children’s games.

Al-Murjan Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jeddah and the most famous Jeddah’s beaches, drawing visitors from all over the world to spend a relaxing day away from their daily routine. There are chalets on Marjan Beach, as well as hotel rooms with a stunning view of the Red Sea and cutting-edge equipment. Women’s private swimming pools are available at Al Marjan Beach.

Swimming, fishing, strolling, boating, sailing, and cycling are among the activities available to beachgoers. There are play spaces for children, as well as a group of restaurants and cafes and a private car park, making it ideal for families.

Entrance fees to Al-Murjan Beach

The entrance fee to Al-Murjan Beach is 150 Saudi riyals per person.

2- Al-Saif Beach

Jeddah's beaches

Al-Saif Beach is located in Jeddah’s south. It is also regarded as one of the most beautiful Jeddah’s beaches, having been created in 2015 on a 300-square-kilometer plot. Al-Saif Beach stretches about 3 kilometers along the Jeddah Corniche to the south. Furthermore, it is regarded as one of the city’s most prominent modern tourist attractions.

Al-Saif Beach is known for its calmness, and it is considered one of the greatest beaches in Jeddah for those seeking peace, comfort, and relaxation away from work and life’s stresses. There are also green places in Al Saif Beach where you may rest and relax while enjoying activities such as barbeque in the open air. Near Al-Saif Beach, there are numerous hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

Al-Saif Beach is one of a public Jeddah’s beaches where anyone can go to see the sunset and swim in the crystal blue sea. There are specific walking and cycling lanes and particular games for children at Al-Saif Beach. As a result, Al Saif Beach is regarded as one of top free Jeddah’s beaches for families.

Entrance fees to Al-Saif Beach

Entry is free.

3- Alexandria beach

Alexandria Beach is one of the Jeddah’s beaches that overlooks the Red Sea, and it is located north of Sharm Obhur. It is also one of Jeddah’s public beaches, open to all visitors and tourists from all over the world.

The Alexandria beach offers a variety of activities, the most popular of which include water sports, diving, and swimming in the Red Sea. Water activities and fishing are available in addition to boating. As a result, Alexandria Beach is regarded as one of the most beautiful Jeddah’s beaches, as well as one of the best for diving, fishing, and other water sports.

Many seafood restaurants are located along the Alexandria beach, the most notable are Shatt Alexandria Restaurant and Ghana Greek Restaurant. One of the cafes near the beach also serves juices and cold and hot drinks. There are also shopping complexes along the beach where you may purchase gifts and other items.

For people who enjoy walking and jogging in the fresh air, a dedicated 320m-long pedestrian walkway has been created on Alexandria’s coastline. In addition to the presence of numerous facilities, such as restrooms and changing cabins, which are clean.

Entrance fees to Alexandria Beach

Entry is free.

4- Silver Sand Beach

Silver Sands Beach, located north of Jeddah’s Sharm Obhur, is one of the city’s most private, clean, and distinctive beaches. A small island in the center of the Red Sea, Silver Sands Beach, is surrounded by coral reefs, giving the area a wonderful beauty.

The variety of coral reefs and marine life, as well as the pristine waters that reflect the sun’s rays, define Silver Sands Beach. There is also a small portion of water designated for swimming by children. As a result, Silver Sands Beach is regarded as one of the greatest Jeddah’s beaches for family-friendly.

Sunbeds and parasols are available at Silver Sands Beach, where tourists can relax in the sun while watching the sunset over the sea. If you’re seeking pleasure and beauty, as well as the greatest tourist attractions in Jeddah, we recommend paying a visit to Silver Sands Beach.

Especially since this lovely beach offers a variety of activities, the most popular of which include swimming, fishing, diving, boating, sea boats, and walking. Besides some marine activities like windsurfing and others. A volleyball court, as well as children’s games such as trampolines and other sports and recreational activities, are available.

Entrance fees to silver sand Beach

The cost of entry to Silver Sands Beach is 100 Saudi riyals per person, with prices rising to 150 Saudi riyals per person during seasons and holidays.

5- Al Nakhil Beach

Al Nakhil Beach lies in Sharm Obhur, on Jeddah’s Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Street. Al-Nakhil Beach is one of Jeddah’s most popular tourist destinations, drawing visitors from around the world as well as Saudi Arabia. Al Nakhil Beach stretches along the Red Sea coast, giving it a beautiful visual value.

Al-Nakhil Beach is one of Jeddah’s beaches and one of the city’s most attractive tourist destinations., where you may bring your children and spend quality time with family and friends. Al-Nakhil Beach has a group of restaurants, cafes, and commercial areas near the beach. There are also clean restrooms, as well as comfortable and safe facilities such as chairs and tables that allow you to sit and relax.

Swimming, fishing, and deep-sea diving are among the various recreational activities and events available. In addition, boats and water bikes can be used to travel the Red Sea and enjoy the sea.

If you are seeking peace, comfort, recreation, and cleanliness, if you want to sit on clean sand, play with your children, and construct sandcastles, and if you enjoy watching the sunset, we propose visiting Al-Nakhil Beach.

Entrance fees to Al-Nakhil Beach

The entrance ticket to Al-Nakhil Beach costs 80 Saudi riyals per person, while children’s tickets cost 40 riyals.

6- Durrat Al Arous beach

The beach of Durrat Al-Arous is a whole tourist village with a view of the Red Sea. It was constructed in 1996 AD in Jeddah’s Dhahban neighborhood, covering an area of 8 square kilometers. Where tourists and visitors to the Kingdom can find villas, hotels, chalets, recreational areas, mosques, clubs, swimming pools, a yacht marina, and other tourist facilities.

Durrat Al-Arous is known for its beauty, attractive personality, and large size. It also offers a wide range of tourism and leisure activities, including scuba diving, swimming, and water sports like windsurfing and others. In addition, yachts can be rented to cruise the Red Sea and experience the wonderful beauty of Jeddah from the water’s edge. The prevalence of water games suitable for both adults and children is particularly noteworthy.

You can also shop at the village’s centers and shops, which offer the village’s people all of their food products, clothing, gifts, and others. You can also taste the best delicious seafood at the town of Durrat Al Aros’s most renowned international restaurants.

Due to its size, the town of Durrat Al-Arous is one of Jeddah’s beaches and the most beautiful and opulent tourist attractions . In addition, various Jeddah Season activities and events have been hosted in this charming community. You can also relax on Jeddah’s most luxurious beaches and spend quality time with your family.

 Entrance fees to Durrat Al Arous Beach

There is no additional charge to enter the village, but there are additional charges when reserving hotels or chalets within the village.

7- Thuwal Beach

Thuwal Beach is far about 80 kilometers from Jeddah, on the Corniche of Thuwal. Thuwal Beach is a public and free Jeddah’s beaches that anyone can visit in Jeddah. Thuwal Beach is also straightforward, with bright yellow sand. In addition to coral rocks strewn across Thule Beach’s sands.

Thuwal Beach has a walkway lined by palm trees that contributes to the beach’s natural charm. In addition, there is a mosque near Thuwal’s beach that is distinguished by its lovely Islamic design.

Thuwal Beach is one of the most basic Jeddah’s beaches, where families go to enjoy the sunset over the glittering sand and play in the sand. In addition, there are water games for both adults and children. It is also possible to cruise the clear waters on boats and yachts.

There are also many retail stores and quick food restaurants near Thuwal Beach, as well as cafes that provide drinks and ice cream.

Entrance Fee to Thuwal Beach

Entry is free.

8- Obhur beaches

The Jeddah Municipality has taken care of the Obhur beaches, which are among the city’s most famous. The beaches of Obhur are divided into two sections: Obhur North and Obhur South. Obhur’s beaches stretch along the Red Sea’s shore, with Sharm Obhur’s beach measuring 11 kilometers in length. The majority of Jeddah residents spend their summer days relaxing on the seashores to avoid the oppressive heat. As well as tourists from all over the world, as well as tourists from within Saudi Arabia, particularly at Mecca and Taif.

Swimming, boating, and fishing are just a few of the activities available on Obhur’s beaches. It is also possible to eat seafood and cold and hot drinks while sitting on the gleaming golden dunes with family and friends. In addition to the availability of games for children to play on the Obhur beaches, which are among most popular Jeddah’s beaches .

Entrance fees to the Obhur beaches

Entry is free.


We discussed the eight most beautiful Jeddah’s beaches worth visiting in 2022. The most significant activities and events that can be held and enjoyed on Jeddah’s beaches were also listed. Where the city of Jeddah has magnificent and appealing landscapes and many tourist destinations and tourist attractions that we encourage going and spending the best time possible.



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