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What are the most beautiful Northern Saudi Cities?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an Arab Islamic country whose people come from all over the world. It has many attractions, the most important of which are religious, such as the Two Holy Mosques, the Kaaba, and the Prophet’s Mosque.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia covers an area of two million one hundred and fifty square kilometers, making it the largest country in the Middle East region in terms of area. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is made up of many cities, villages, and governorates spread across the country. cities in southern Saudi Arabia, Northern Saudi, western and eastern Saudi Arabia, and central Saudi Arabia are all represented.

In a previous article, we discussed Saudi cities and answered the question, “How many cities are there in Saudi Arabia?” This article will go over the Northern Saudi cities and governorates. It will also concentrate on Arar, the most beautiful city in Northern Saudi Arabia. In addition, we will discuss the city of Arar’s population and its sources of income.

Provinces of the Northern Saudi Borders Region

Northern Saudi

The northern border is located in the north of Saudi Arabia near the state of Iraq. The northern border region is one of the best cities in the Kingdom, with an area of ​​104,000 square kilometers and a population of 375,310 people.

The northern border region, like other cities in the Kingdom, includes many provinces and villages with antiquities and a long history in Saudi Arabia. There are many questions about the number of cities and governorates within the northern borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The northern region includes 17 governorates and is divided into two parts:

The governorates of Group A consist of 6 governorates: Khamis Mushait, Bisha, Al-Tamas, Mahayel, Dhahran Al-Janoub, and Tathlet.

The governorates of Group B consist of 11 governorates: Rijal Alma’, Ahad Rafidah, Sarat Ubaidah, Tanumah, Al-Barak, Al-Harajah, Al-Majardah, Bariq, Balqarn, Al-Umwah and Tareeb.

Northern Saudi Borders

The Northern Saudi Region is centered on the Northern Saudi border, where it is bordered on the northern side by the State of Iraq, and its capital is Arar, as well as other distinguished cities, are known for their historical monuments and picturesque nature that attract the interest of all who visit them. The northern region is known for its diverse terrain, which includes valleys, plains, hills, and mountains. Wadi Arar is one of the most well-known valleys in the northern region.

There are many natural parks and large areas filled with charming landscapes in the northern region, which helps visitors relax and calm. We will discuss some northern cities in the points that follow:

Arar, the capital of the northern border region, is located near the Saudi-Iraqi border and is one of the largest cities in Saudi Arabia’s north. It is designed for visitors to practice fishing and sand skiing. This city has plains, plateaus, and green pastures, making it one of the best places for plants and herbs to grow. Natural and untamed.

This city is distinguished by snowfall during the winter season, which is uncommon in comparison to other cities, and as a result, many people prefer it, in addition to containing a large number of monuments and historical buildings, including museums that depict the effects of the region throughout the ages and the old palace of the emirate. As a result, Arar is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Saudi Arabia’s north and the Emirate of the Northern Borders.

Turaif,  is one of the cities in Northern Saudi, near the common borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, and is distinguished by its location on the international road that connects the Gulf countries and the Arab Levant countries. This city is home to a large number of businesses and factories, including Northern Cement, Al-Jouf Cement Factory, and Phosphate Minerals Company.

     Discover Northern Saudi Cities

The Northern Borders Emirate has a number of wonderful cities with distinct historical touches and breathtaking landscapes that have captured the hearts and immortal status of the Saudi people. The following cities are among the most beautiful in northern Saudi Arabia:

Al-Awaqiliya, is located on the international road that connects Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and the Gulf countries, ranks third in terms of area and fourth in terms of population, with a population of thirty thousand people. It grows to be quite large.

This city is on the list of newly established cities extending along important pipelines. It is worth noting that its strategic location contributed to the prosperity of its trade and the growth of its economy.

Rafha, is located in the far north of Saudi Arabia, on the Northern Saudi borders. It ranks second in terms of area among the largest cities in the north. It got its name from an old woman named Rafha who used to live in one of the mountains.

This city is distinguished by the presence of numerous monuments that tell the history of the region, ranging from the water ponds built by Mrs. Zubaydah, the wife of Harun al-Rashid, to the ancient walls built during the reign of our master Solomon, peace be upon him. It is known as Darb Zubaydah and is primarily inhabited by the Shammar tribe.

What Are Northern Saudi Regions?

We have mentioned some cities in the northern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in previous paragraphs, and we will mention some cities in the main and well-known northern regions of Saudi Arabia in the following paragraphs:

Tabuk, This city has a total land area of 780 square kilometers. It is worth noting that its population in two thousand and fifteen AD was approximately nine hundred and seven thousand four hundred and ninety-four people, placing it eleventh in terms of population.

This city serves as the northern gateway to the Arabian Peninsula, as well as the route for pilgrims and pilgrims. The distance between Medina and Tabuk is 623 kilometers, which takes approximately 5 hours and 29 minutes to complete.

The Mediterranean climate affects Tabuk, where snow falls in the winter due to cold temperatures. Jabal al-Lawz, one of Tabuk’s most famous landmarks, is covered in white in the winter due to snow falling on it.

Sakaka, in addition to the presence of beautiful sea beaches with coral reefs. This city is located in the Al-Jawf region of the Kingdom’s northwestern corner, overlooking Jordan to the north and Tabuk and Hail to the west. It has a population of 224,813 people.

Sakaka is well-known for the presence of many historical monuments, the most notable of which are: Zaabal Castle, Sisera Well, Ghar Hazrat, Musin Castle, Fasr Al-Aishan, Qarat Al-Auction, and other well-known historical monuments in the city of Sakaka, which has made it a tourist destination for many visitors to learn about antiquities.

Tourism in Northern Saudi Cities

Northern Saudi

After discussing Northern Saudi Cities and their governorates in the preceding paragraphs, we discussed each of the cities in Northern Saudi Arabia, their advantages, and what it is famous for. We will now deal with tourism in Northern Saudi Arabia Cities.

The cities of Saudi Arabia’s north are well-known for their historical monuments and wonderful tourist attractions, which make them popular tourist destinations.

In addition to the scenic beauty of the northern border areas. Where the northern border areas turn into the green carpets, especially in the spring, it becomes the best place for camping and carrying out tourism activities like hunting and hunting and enjoying nature’s beauty.

Arar City

Northern Saudi

We discussed the city of Arar at the beginning of this article, which is the administrative capital of the northern borders and is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Saudi. But now we’ll go over some specifics about this wonderful city.

What is Arar’s Population?

It should be noted that Arar was established in the northwestern region, where Wadi Badana meets Wadi Arar near the borders of the Iraqi state, and it rises 550 meters above sea level, while Al-Dinah occupies a vast rocky plain made of limestone.

The deserts cover nearly half of the governorate’s total land area. Arar is a thousand and one hundred kilometers from Riyadh and about sixty kilometers from the Iraqi border, but how many people live there? This is what we’ll respond to in the following:

According to the General Authority for Statistics, the number of people from the north in the city of Arar reaches 300,000, and the majority of the city’s residents are from an Arab tribe of Adnan origin, the tribe of Wael bin Rabi’ah.

Arar’s Sources of Income in Northern Saudi Arabia

The capital of Saudi Arabia’s northern region is based on three main sources of income for individuals: trade, herding, and large corporations and institutions:

Grazing is at the top of the list of economic activities related to the population’s daily livelihood because Arar has natural pastures comprised of various plants, and thus the population grazes sheep and camels.

In terms of trade, it is one of the most active fields on a daily basis, including the sale of building materials and food supplies, and we do not forget to provide services to pilgrims traveling through the land route from nearby countries, and the city includes a large number of commercial centers and markets, as well as the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


At the end of this article, we discussed the most beautiful Northern Saudi Cities, as well as the specifics of each city along the northern border. The area and population of the northern border region and its governorates, as mentioned in this article.

It is worth noting that the picturesque nature in Northern Saudi Cities is one of the most prominent elements of Saudi tourism and one of the most important tourist attractions. Aside from the presence of monuments and historical sites.

There are parks covered in green in the northern regions of Saudi Arabia that are visited by many tourists from within and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to spend the most beautiful times.

Dear reader, if you want to visit Saudi Arabia and enjoy Saudi tourism. We recommend that you read our articles on the Saudi Visitors Blog. Here you will find information and facts about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition to a comprehensive guide to Saudi tourism. You can also learn about Saudi Arabia’s most popular tourist attractions.


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