Jeddah Yacht Club

The opening of the Jeddah Yacht Club event 2022

The Jeddah Yacht Club offers many unique and distinct experiences among the beautiful waters of the Red Sea and its beautiful waves, with a variety of events organized to suit all ages and are not limited to a specific age group. A yacht club overlooking Jeddah’s shores. Learn about the top 8 tourist beaches in Jeddah.

Keep reading to know more about the most notable features of the Jeddah Yacht Club, as well as the top ten restaurants in the Jeddah Yacht Club. In addition to the cost of admission to the Jeddah Yacht Club and the method of booking the yacht club.

 Yacht Club Jeddah 2022

The Yacht Club is one of the venues for the Jeddah season 2022, which begins on Sunday, May 8, 2022. The Yacht Club is situated near the marine marina. Where you can gaze out at the Red Sea and watch the sunset.

The Yacht Club is located on one of the most attractive and beautiful waterfronts in Jeddah, making it an ideal choice for those who want to spend special times in the charming atmosphere of the Red Sea of calm and fun. The Jeddah Yacht Club opened in the Marina area, offering many wonderful restaurant options. And the cafes at the Jeddah Yacht Club, which have a spectacular view.

Yacht Club events in Jeddah Season 2022

Jeddah Yacht Club

The Jeddah Yacht Club is the city’s first tourist marina, offering a variety of marine activities, recreational activities, and luxurious establishments such as restaurants and cafes. Jeddah Yacht Club events are:

1-  The Jeddah Yacht Show

It includes a number of fantastic shows, such as the display of the most famous boat brands from the most recent international brands, the yacht show, and the opportunity to see a distinguished group of SUVs, rare cars, and motorcycles. In addition to the presence of a marina that can accommodate over 100 yachts, the berth height is 135 meters.

2- The Marina District

It includes a group of the best restaurants that serve a variety of international dishes to suit all tastes and overlooks the Red Sea and luxury yachts. Quiet sessions on the Red Sea, as well as the pleasure of shopping at international stores. Beginning May 8 and running through June 19, the Marina area is open daily from 4 p.m. to 3 a.m.

3- Sail a Volvo Yacht

It provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cruise the Red Sea on a yacht. Great ocean racing and fast sailing yacht ride experience. The event runs from May 11th to June 16th, from 2 pm to 6 pm.

4- Wing Foiling

Learn how to sail a sailboat and control the wind speed. The event runs from May 14 to June 16, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., and is ideal for those who enjoy adventure above the waves of the sea.

5- Shark enclosure

You can enjoy a beautiful view of sharks in designated areas where you can stay close to these fish in a safe manner.

6- E Foiling event

For thrill-seekers, one of the Yacht Club’s activities in the 2022 Jeddah season is surfing on a flying electronic board to ride the waves and fly over the sea. The event runs from May 14 to June 16 and is open six days a week from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

7- Mast Climb event

Climbing the mast 20 meters above the deck was a thrilling experience. The beauty of Jeddah can also be seen from the top of the mast. From May 17th to June 16th, from 4 pm to 10 pm, you can’t visit the yacht club without partaking in a 30-minute mast climbing adventure. Except for Sunday, the mast climbing event is available every day of the week.

8- The Amphicruiser event

For the first time in Saudi Arabia, You can drive through the Red Sea, and discover the landmarks of the Jeddah Corniche. The amphibious car is a one-of-a-kind and wonderful experience for adventure and enthusiasm seekers. The car roams with you on the Jeddah Corniche and continues its journey inside the sea to discover the beauty of Jeddah from the sea. The festival runs from May 13th to June 26th, from 1:30 pm to 5 pm.

9- Parasailing event

An outdoor adventure trip from the center of the Red Sea. Enjoy spending 60 to 90 minutes in the sea and 10 minutes in the air. Flying through the water parachute allows you to see the scenic views of the Red Sea and the beaches of Jeddah. The event runs from May 16th to June 26th, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

10- 28ft Keelboat Experience

A 120-minute sea tour on a 28-foot boat that can fit the entire family. In the city of Jeddah, take a kelp boat sailing trip and see the scenic views of the Red Sea. The event runs from May 19th to June 16th, from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

11- Thrill Ride on a Jet Boat

Spend 25 minutes on an exciting ride on a high-speed jet boat inside the Red Sea. An upbeat and entertaining atmosphere with family and friends from the middle of the sea. The festival runs from May 13th to June 26th from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

12- The Sea Breacher Experience

The Sea Preacher submarine transports you to the depths of the Red Sea to discover marine creatures. For 20 minutes, embark on an adventure, excitement, and underwater exploration. The event runs from May 13th to June 26th, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

13- Scuba Diving Trip

Enjoy an 8-hour underwater exploration of the Red Sea’s depths, marine relics, shipwrecks, and more. The Jeddah Yacht Club’s diving team will assist you in snorkeling and having a memorable adventure. The event runs from May 29th to June 26th, from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.

14- Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Experience

Another opportunity to explore the depths of the Red Sea by diving and snorkeling for 8 hours. You cannot visit the Jeddah yacht club without having a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dive into the depths of the sea. The event runs from May 23 to June 26 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Jeddah Yacht Club Ticket Prices

Jeddah Yacht Club

Do you want to book one of the events at the Jeddah Yacht Club? To begin, determine the ticket prices for all available activities, which vary depending on the events available during the Jeddah season, as follows:

1- Tickets for the Jeddah Yacht Show cost 300 Saudi riyals.

2- Marina tickets cost between 75 and 150 Saudi riyals. Positions should be included.

3- The cost of the flying electronic skateboard experience is 200 Saudi riyals, which includes admission to the yacht area.

4- A sailboat experience for children costs 150 Saudi riyals, which includes access to the yacht area.

5- Climbing the yacht’s mast costs 150 Saudi riyals.

6- 300 Saudi riyals for a Volvo sailing yacht

7- Water parachute from 250 to 400 Saudi riyals.

8- The Amphicruiser 250 SAR

9- The Sea Breacher Experience is 600 Saudi riyals

10-700 SAR for Scuba Diving Trip

Jeddah Yacht Club’s service prices are listed below:

The Jeddah Yacht Club provides visitors with a distinguished set of diverse and distinctive services, each with a distinct price that differs from the prices of other services as follows:

1- Enjoy the ocean cruise yacht Oryx for 4500 Saudi riyals.

2- The cruising yacht Jeddah, costs 3000 Saudi riyals.

3- The Newton Dream Yacht cruise The cost varies depending on the length of the trip, the services provided, the number of people, and other factors.

4- The cruise yacht Sea Fun, costs 4000 Saudi riyals.

5- The cruising yacht Shaqran, which costs 2000 Saudi riyals.

Top 10 restaurants in Jeddah Yacht Club

Jeddah Yacht Club

If you want to book a restaurant at the Jeddah Yacht Club, here is a list of the top ten restaurants at the Jeddah Yacht Club. Choose one of them:

1- Madeo Ristorante: With over 35 years of experience, this restaurant is known for its delicious dishes with northern Italian flavors.

2- Hoppers: Have a good time at this restaurant with its unique tropical drinks inspired by Sri Lankan shops.

3- Emmy squared pizza: Offers pizza in a variety of flavors from the well-known pizzeria chain.

4- Le Comptoir de Nicole: Indulge in the most delectable French cuisine from the French city of Nice.

5- Le Vesuvio: offers various types of pizza from Can City in a unique place.

6- Jeddah Yacht Club Building Restaurants: Every Thursday and Friday, enjoy a beautiful experience in a wonderful atmosphere of music and entertainment.

7- The Beach Club: offers fun, entertaining, visual, and audio shows to make guests happy and have a good time. The event will be on Thursdays and Fridays.

8- Marina Social: On Thursday and Friday, enjoy a variety of live shows and music at one of the most prominent restaurants, Michelin-starred Chef Jason Atherton’s.

9- The Yacht Club honored us: one of the Jeddah Yacht Club’s restaurants that combines civilization and originality by serving traditional Saudi and oriental dishes.

10- Amor Café: It has a beautiful view and serves the most delicious Italian pasta and pizza.

How to make a reservation at the Jeddah Yacht Club?

If you want to enjoy a distinguished atmosphere in which calm and luxury are combined, do not hesitate to book one of the Jeddah Yacht Club restaurants, as it offers delicious meals as well as a wonderful group of special events that provide you with an unparalleled entertainment experience. Booking a Jeddah Yacht Club restaurant requires the following:

1- Access the Jeddah Yacht Club website.

2- Click on the inquiries icon and enter your personal information, including your first name, email address, country code, and phone number.

3- Enter all yacht-related information, such as the type of yacht, its name, its dimensions, and the dates of arrival and departure.

4- Wait for a message from the Jeddah Yacht Club to arrive at the email address you registered in the previous step.

The Jeddah Season Theater is located at the Jeddah Yacht Club.

The Jeddah Yacht Club is one of the most important events in the Jeddah Season, attracting a large number of visitors to enjoy the services on offer. In addition to the fun recreational activities in the Marina area and the Jeddah Yacht Club’s restaurants and cafes, there is a Jeddah Season theater in the Jeddah Yacht Club, which offers a distinguished group of concerts by the Arab world’s most famous artists.

How to Purchase Jeddah Yacht Club Tickets for the Jeddah Season 2022?

Entering the Jeddah Yacht Club is simple; simply follow the steps below to reserve the yacht club:

1- Accessing the Jeddah Season website

2- The main page of Jeddah Season activities with the Jeddah Yacht Club will open.

3- Select the region by clicking on the Jeddah Yacht Club icon.

4- Select the desired event from the list of available activities.

5- Click on Book Now to reserve a space at the Yacht Club.

6- Sign in and then choose the number of tickets to be booked based on the number of people.

7- Purchase tickets using the available payment methods in order to obtain a Jeddah Yacht Club permit.

Reservation Link for Yacht Club

The Jeddah Yacht Club booking link provides you with all of the yacht club’s information in a matter of seconds, including booking ticket prices, the Jeddah Yacht Club website, activities and events available at the Jeddah Yacht Club, and others. It also enables you to enter Jeddah Yacht Club tickets, which is beneficial. Click on the link for more information on booking entry to the Jeddah Yacht Club and the best services it offers to suit all tastes.

By logging into the Jeddah Yacht Club Instagram account, you can view the Jeddah Yacht Club on social media, including Instagram.

Hotels in the vicinity of Jeddah Yacht Club

The Jeddah Yacht Club has a number of luxury hotels that offer world-class hotel services to visitors and tourists from all over the world. The following are the most important hotels in the vicinity of the Jeddah Yacht Club:

1- Makarim Al-Nakhil Hotel and Resort; nightly rates begin at 900 Saudi riyals.

2- Jeddah Hilton Hotel, is 5-star with rates ranging from 690 Saudi riyals to 1312.5 Saudi riyals.

3- Venue Jeddah Corniche Hotel. Prices for lodging begin at 708.75 Saudi riyals.

Number of the Jeddah Yacht Club

If you have any questions about the Jeddah Yacht Club, you can call the company’s number, and highly professional people will answer your questions and provide answers to all of your inquiries.


We discussed one of the areas of the  Jeddah season 2022, which is the Jeddah Yacht Club event, which is one of the most famous events of the Jeddah season, in this article. Many international restaurants, cafes, and shops can be found at the yacht club. The Jeddah Yacht Club hosts a variety of tourism, entertainment, adventure, and enthusiastic activities.

If you want to visit the areas of the Jeddah season 2022, we recommend that you go to the Yacht Club, where you can find adventure, fun, and entertainment all in one place. Water and air activities, such as parachute rides and mast climbing, can also be enjoyed together.


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